3 Low-Impact Cardio Exercises That Promotes Faster Fat Loss

Fat is like an opinion, everyone has it (Hilarity Ensues). It does not matter if you are tall or short, fat or thin, fat is there living its own life in everybody’s body. The only difference is that an obese has an extra amount of subcutaneous fat that is stubborn as hell. It takes some sort of physical activity and a strict diet to win over the excess fat and its possible consequences like diseases, lethargy and bad skin, of course. Going to a gym seems a bad idea for many because of the monthly charges and strenuous exercises. Few people find gyms excellent while others try finding other basic options that are equally effective. Sometimes it just not comes up as your cup of tea. For all people in general, here are 3 low-impact yet effective cardio exercises that are strenuous in their own interesting ways. These exercises can be done wherever and whenever you want. Reduced fat ratio, slender body and post-endorphin happiness are some of the results you can expect.

Read on to explore the healthy ways to life:



Walking is one of the most amazing, effective and easy-to-do exercises. You just need a pair of well-cushioned shoes and loose fitted clothes to go with it and bang, there you are Walk-Ready. American Council of Exercises has declared Walking as one of the most popular low-impact cardio workouts for you. You can either walk on a treadmill in a gymnasium or briskly march across the beautiful natural terrains and roads. The choice is yours and in no time, you will start seeing results. Swing your arms, while you walk in order to facilitate fast movements and let your heart rate ramp up. Ideally, a beginner should aim to walk briskly for about 15-30 minutes and gradually build up the stamina to achieve 60 minutes a day. A rough data says that a person weighing about 73 Kgs burns 276 calories from 1 hr of walking at a brisk pace.

A Piece of Advice: If you are a beginner, then make sure you walk at a medium pace. Picking up a high speed at the first go can hurt you knees and thigh muscles.



Turn cold shoulders to those who say that cycling could put pressure on knees. This particular cardio exercise is ideal for both men and women and is independent of your current fitness levels. You can easily reduce your ugly belly fat, for example, by bicycling or spending 30 minutes a day on a stationary bike; depending upon situations like weather, personal preference etc. Nowadays, gymnasiums and health centres organize group classes for cycling enthusiasts that provides both fun and motivation. However, medical practitioners suggest that if you are a beginner then paddle at a speed that feels less strenuous to your joints and back. Competing with others or feeling the urge to work out like fellow gym-goers might tamper your body.

A Piece of Advice: Start slow and then gradually increase the speed. Moreover, if you are cycling outside, do not forget to wear helmets and proper cushioning for the knees. Surf through internet to get the best of deals.



Swimming is fun and an effective exercise option at the same time. The fun part is your swimwear and the serious part is all about how you do it to achieve maximum benefits. If you are new to it then make sure you learn it under an expert, else you would end up hurting your muscles. *Blame the buoyancy*. This one cardio activity is ideal for all age groups and gender, only if you manage to do it the right way. The right way, obviously is, to start with a slower pace, following gentle movements under the aegis of an expert. So, if you experience water panic, then the best idea is to come for swimming more often and bring company along for extra motivation. The numbers are impressive though; a person weighing around 60 kgs can burn up to 590 calories by swimming fast and 413 calories by swimming at a medium pace.

A Piece of Advice: Always wear comfortable goggles to beat the harsh sunrays ready to ruin your eye. Also, do not forget to slather on some sunscreen to avoid tanning.


These 3 exercises are gentle to your joints and are low-impact cardio options. The only important thing to keep in mind is that you should always start slow and steadily move up in speed and intensity. Happy Exercising!

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