Somatotype Body Type

3 Types of Body (Somatotype), Know Your Type Now

Getting fit and healthy is trending in our youth which is a good thing but it can be pretty tough.

So before starting, we recommend you to understand your body well then plan & identify what fitness/nutrition strategies will work for you.

There are 3 main types of body which are known as Somatotype in whole.

I have discovered my own body type, and now I am able to implement strategies on my custom workout according to my shape & type.

The term ‘Somatotype’ is basically a system of classification of human physical types developed by a psychologist W.H. Sheldon

3 Types of Body

Our body has somatotype. The following are the characteristics of all 3 Somatotype.


Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorph is people who find very difficult to gain weight. They usually have little joints, skinny look, active, quick metabolism, will eat no matter they need, get full simply, little chest and buttocks, problem building muscle, problem gaining weight, low body fat, slender frame etc.

Metabolism – You barely gain any weight during the binge period. Lucky you! Ectomorph should consume 55% carbohydrates, 25% proteins and 20% fats in their diet.

Eating Appetite – You can eat a lot of food and still remain slim. Best meal for this type is 6 ounces of grilled fish meat, 2 cups mixed vegetable (parboiled), 1 cup brown rice, and 1/2 cup fresh fruits.

Size of Bones & Joints – Your thumb and index finger overlap.

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The characteristics are as follow

  • Small “delicate” frame and bone structure
  • Classic “hard gainer”
  • Flat chest
  • Small shoulders
  • Thin
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Finds it hard to gain weight
  • Fast metabolism
  • Typically skinny
  • Lightly muscled
  • Long limbs
  • Small Joints
  • Low body fat (without trying very hard)
  • Difficulty in gaining weight
  • High metabolism
  • Hard time gaining muscle




Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorph is a type where individual gain muscle faster than Ecto. The common characteristics of Mesomorphs are symmetrical build, wide shoulders, tiny waist, large musculature, easily put on muscle, burns fat easily, moderate eating, and lower body fat.

Metabolism – The moment you start a workout and change your diet, you start losing weight pretty rapidly. Mesomorphs should consume 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and 30% fats in their meal.

Eating Appetite – Begin to appear fit and healthy almost immediately upon eating clean. The best diet they can stick to is 6 ounces of tofu with vegetables, 1/2 cup of barley, 1/2 cup of fresh fruits, and 2 ounces o roasted nuts (almond).

Size of Bones & Joints – Both your fingers perfectly line up (tips of both fingers are touching).

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The characteristics are as follows

  • Athletic
  • Generally hard body
  • Well defined muscles
  • Rectangular shaped body
  • Strong
  • Gains muscle easily
  • Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs
  • Medium to largely sized joints
  • Broad or square shoulders
  • Lose fat and gain muscles pretty quickly
  • The body responds quickly to exercise
  • Naturally muscular and strong
  • Efficient metabolism



Endomorph Body Type

Endomorph is a type completely opposite to Ectomorph, where an individual gain extra weight and find it hard to drop it. Most common features which are found in Endomorphs are large fat accumulation, avid appetite, easy exhaustion, no weight loss, huge meal consumption, larger body frame, weak joints etc.

Metabolism – Despite eating pretty clean, you struggle to lose those extra pounds. Endomorph should have 40% carbohydrates, 35% proteins, and 25% fats quantity in their diet food.

Eating Appetite – Despite consuming controlled calories, you still struggle and appear heavy. The simple diet format for endomorph is 3 ounces of the roasted chicken breast, 1 cup leafy vegetables with vinegar, and 1/4 cup of whole wheat pasta.

Size of Bones & Joints – When both your fingers do not touch.

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The characteristics are as follow

  • Soft and round body
  • Gains muscle and fat very easily
  • Is generally short
  • “Stocky” build
  • Round physique
  • Finds it hard to lose fat
  • Slow metabolism
  • Muscles not so well defined
  • Big bones
  • Larger bottoms and thighs (creating a pear like a physique)
  • Can gain muscle easily but tend to be underdeveloped
  • High levels of body fat
  • Usually, have a rounder body
  • Small shoulders
  • Slower metabolic rate
  • Lose weight very slowly

Our Take

Our expert @HealthXP will prepare a plan for you as per your body type and your BHP. Stay tuned and stay connected with us, we are launching our own training camp really soon only for you. They will keep note of your preferences like, if a person is vegetarian then they will customize a veg diet plan and if a person is non-vegetarian then they would plan a custom non-veg diet plan.

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