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Strawberries and its benefits

Strawberry is called ‘the queen of fruits’ in Asian countries because it’s packed with health benefits.

These juicy heart-shaped delights have much more to offer beyond sweetness and flavor. I consider them a power food.

I love strawberries. I’m so happy when strawberries are finally season.

Packed with vitamins, fiber, and particularly high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols, strawberries are a sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie food. They are among the top 20 fruits in antioxidant capacity and are a good source of manganese and potassium. Just one serving — about eight strawberries — provides more vitamin C than an orange.

  • Eye Care

Antioxidants such as flavonoids, phenolic phytochemicals, and ellagic acid, all of which are present in strawberries, can help avoid these situations to a large extent. One more condition strawberries can fix is disturbance in ocular pressure. Ocular pressure means the pressure within the eyes. Any disturbance in this pressure can be harmful to the eyes. Strawberries are helpful because they contain potassium, which helps in maintaining the correct pressure.

  • Gives your immunity a boost

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C. Most mammals – except for humans – have the ability to produce vitamin C naturally, which is why it’s so important to get your daily requirement. One serving contains 51.5 mg of vitamin C – about half of your daily requirement. Double a serving to one cup and get 100 per cent. Vitamin C is a well-known immunity booster, as well as a powerful, fast-working antioxidant.

  • Prevents Cancer

Vitamin-C, folate, anthocyanins, quercetin, and kaempferol are just a few of the many flavonoids in strawberries which possess excellent antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. Together, they form an excellent line of defense to fight cancer and tumor growth. Daily intake of strawberries is connected to a drastic reduction in the presence and metastasis of cancer cells.

  • Improves Heart Function

High fiber content, folate, no fats, and high levels of antioxidants such as vitamin-C and phytochemicals form an ideal cardiac health pack, as they effectively reduce cholesterol in the arteries and vessels. Some members of the vitamin-B family present in strawberries also strengthen the cardiac muscles and lead to better functioning of the heart.

  • Good for weight and diabetes management

Strawberries are low in glycemic index and at the same time have good satiety value.

  • Reduces arthritis and other inflammatory diseases

The antioxidants and phytochemicals found in strawberries may also help to reduce inflammation of the joints, which may cause arthritis and can also lead to heart disease. A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health shows that women who eat 16 or more strawberries per week are 14 per cent less likely to have elevated levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) – an indication of inflammation in the body.

  • Helps improve digestion

The fibre and water content helps reduce constipation and other digestion related issues

  • Improves prenatal health

All the females who are either pregnant or trying to conceive are advised to have folate tablets. Strawberry is naturally high in folate which is one of the basic requirements for tissue/cell differentiation and development of brain, spinal cord etc. thereby preventing neural tube defects.


The list doesn’t end here. There are ample of reasons to add this super fruit. Incorporate this seasonal fruit in your regime whenever possible as it is or in any form and enjoy all the benefits of this fruit.


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