4 Simple Yet Effective Tips on How to Lose Weight & Not Muscles

As soon as you start losing flab from your body, the next step your training coach asks you to go to is lifting weights. A combination of cardio and weightlifting is potent and helps you in achieving a chiseled physique in no time. However, two most important things that you overlook is the frequency of a particular workout and diet to maintain a sturdy body frame. you are not alone here because many people extend their cardio session and do a balanced weight lift, solely in an attempt to look more tighter and toned. You are doing a huge mistake because if not done at the right time and sequence, an excess of cardio can burn muscles as well, giving you a lean look or no-muscle body type. Well, that is something you do not want. Here are 4 tips on how to lose weight and not let go of the muscles in your workout journey:

Supplementation: –

You cannot rely on your workout alone because diet is an aspect that is going to help you to make the most out of your fitness regime. In conjunction with what you eat as a part of your regular daily meals, throwing in supplements can be a good idea. Nowadays, workout supplements are free of fats and cholesterol and are replete with essential amino acids and proteins. Together these features result in lean mass gain and a gradual reduction in flab. Moreover, clean Whey protein sources in these health blends provide energy at the cellular level and the branched-chain amino acids help in faster muscle recovery. You feel energized and your workout performance gets better day after day. Another tip in the same context is to consume supplement on rest days as well as this would make you feel full for long and refrain you from eating mindlessly.


Calorie Deficit

There are two ways to implement a state of calorie deficit; one is to eat the same amount of calories and expend it by exercising more and second is to eat fewer calories. The choice is yours but the experts recommend eating the same amount of calories and increasing the intensity of weight training. One plan could be to eat healthy (mainly lean meat and veggies) for about 10 days continuously and then eating meals of your choice on the 11th day. This cycle can be continued forever with workouts 5 times a week. This way, you would not feel deprived and your body shall remain habitual of any outer fats or trans-fats. Moreover, such practices will help you avoid overeating or mindless junk eating as well. Try following this practice for about a month and you would notice a balanced fat-muscle ratio.


Selection of Weights

The idea of hitting the gym every day is very ‘last season’. Experts now recommend going for a training session few days a week as this gives enough room for recovery and surprisingly you burn more calories when you are in work-rest-work cycle. The main point to take note of is the selection of weights and what bodyweight exercise you do. The first advice in this context is limiting your training session to not more than an hour and making sure that you lift heavier weights day after another. The next move should be to perform each rep with full force and dedication so that you make the best out of your training session. Further, stop being repetitive as this induces boredom and depreciated motivation. To combat the problem, try doing compound movements, such as squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups. This would keep you engaged and help in shedding weight without compromising on muscles.

Hours of Sleep

This is the flipside of the idea behind why rest days are important for an athlete or a bodybuilder. If you are working hard at the gym but not sleeping enough or not taking proper rest then training sessions alone would not give you result. Have you ever noticed that late nights out or irregular sleep patterns induce hunger pangs? 90% of you go through this phenomenon and then end up eating cookies, minute noodles, or fruit juices loaded with sugar. This is a total defeat of your workout goals and bodybuilding dreams. Further, an athlete should sleep for 8-10 hours everyday to promote cell growth and faster muscle recovery. Any failure in this act shall result in hormonal imbalances, weight gain, and fatigue. Irregular sleep patterns increases cortisol levels, which in turn causes stress and anxiety. A healthy body is a temple and you would never want to malign this temple, therefore, sleep. Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat.

The thumb rule is to eat well, consume supplement, and take rests in between. Your body is also a machine and regular harsh usage can tear apart any machine. Worship your body and treat it well to achieve maximum gains.

Author Bio

Vineeta Tiwari is a Health & Wellness writer for past 4 years. A fitness freak herself, she is on a constant mission to explore hidden facts and remedies that benefits people’s health and their lives overall. Her current post talks about the lesser-known facts about whey that people miss on. Currently, she is associated with an emerging & popular health supplement website



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  1. Kishore says:

    Good Article, very precisely mentioned the important elements, question: Sleep: Does it have to be 8 hrs stretch sleep or or can it be split into 6 Plus 2 hrs. specially for those who works in the Shifts.

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