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5 Never Heard Before Fat Loss Facts

Imagine you are getting ready and standing in front of a mirror. You suddenly realize your favourite T-shirt is no more of your size.

Trust me: I know how it feels

Every day you work hard, you do training properly, but fail to see any fat loss, right?

Then it may possible you are still not aware of some fat loss facts.

Never Heard Of Fat Loss Facts

Here are some real fat loss facts, for you to consider before moving forward

Fact 1 – Six Pack AbsImage of flaunting six pack abs

See everyone has a six-pack. Is that so? But why it is not visible on everyone? The reason is it is covered with a layer of BODY FAT. People believe by doing 1500 crunches per weak help them to burn that layer of fat.

But it’s not right.

If you want to lose fat, you need to monitor your entire calorie intake. We all know that calories provide fuel to our body. Every day you are going to expend some of the energy by doing your daily activities. This energy is fueled by your calories such as FAT. So, in short, you will burn calories if you will be more active throughout your day.

Fact 2 – Weight Liftinga girl lifting heavy weights

Do you believe by doing weight lifting you can turn your fat into muscle? Let me tell you that “FAT is FAT” and “MUSCLE” is “MUSCLE”

However, weightlifting or cardio surely help you to maintain your body shape. But, it is possible that in spite of having muscle, you still have that fat covering it up. That’s why along with proper weight lifting and cardio, you should focus on having fresh, nutritious diet.

You can do ALL the lifting you want, but if your diet SUCKS there’s NOTHING you can do about it.

Fact 3 – Fat Foodslist of fat foods

Most people worry that by eating fat foods make them fat. This is because we are hearing this for decades.


But let me tell you that by eating good fats won’t make you fat. Yes, food that contains fat can be part of a healthy diet and help you maintain lean body mass. Foods like almonds, avocados, cashews, peanuts, flaxseeds, walnuts, coconut oil, the extra-virgin oil contain omega-3 fatty acids and these are damn healthy fats.

Fact 4: Cardiorunning on treadmill for cardio

You spent about one hour on treadmill or cross trainer but never find the satisfactory results.

Why so?

As you get daily on treadmill or cross-trainer for a cardio workout, your body makes specific adoptions in order to become more efficient. Means, when you get better at the activity, you probably stop expending the same amount of calories.

However, you will reach a point where your body will stop burning the fat. So don’t always follow the cardio if you really want to lose fat. Always combine it with sprints, jumps, and callisthenics and make your workout session worth it and more interesting.

Fact 5: Empty Stomachman holding his hungry stomach

For all those who believe, Cardio on an empty stomach burns fat fast, I just want to ask you all one simple question. Can you drive a car without petrol or diesel?

Obviously no, right?

Then, why you expect your body to do exercise without feeding it properly? You know eating before workout session can actually help you increase your metabolism.

Yes, you heard it right!

Here I am not saying you can’t, but the fact is it is always good to eat carb meal about an hour before your workout session and a high protein afterwards.

Our Take

So now you are aware of almost all the fat loss facts, right?

Here, I would like to tell you there is plenty you can do to speed up the process of fat burning. One of the best ways is to eat more protein. Yes, because your body requires protein to maintain lean muscle. And when it comes to fat loss, “PROTEIN” is just a “MIRACLE”

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