5 Plant-Based Protein Sources That Outweighs Popular Meat & Beef

Protein is the building block of life and an essential nutrient source for muscles, hair, and skin. Hearing your hard-bodied friends speaking highly of meat can make you feel jipped by the article but open up your eyes a little bit more. Nature is such a balanced entity that you do not have to dig animal-based nutrient for maximum benefits all the time. If you love meat and consider it as a complete source of protein then probably you need to re-evaluate some Vegans/Vegetarian options as well. There are plant-based sources that are as good as Beef or may be a serving of Lamb.

These protein sources can make you stronger, build up your immune system and transform your skin into a dewy pink delight. There are a huge number of natural sources but here are 5 most easily available ones.

Green Peas

The Legume Family is one of the nature’s best sources of plant-based protein and Green Pea bags the attention here. A cup of Green Peas is equivalent to 7.9 grams of Protein, which is same as a cup of milk. If you think, eating peas directly or as a side dish is a bummer, you can try adding them to your curries or simply boil and add them to your salads. You can also blend the wonderful veggie with nuts and spices into a scrumptious cup of Pesto. A cup of peas might not compensate for the recommended amount of protein your body needs but it is surely a step towards adding a good shot of the nutrient in your diet. Folate, Iron and Magnesium are some of the micro-nutrients found in peas.

Key Takeaway: Peas have a very low Glycaemic Index of just 22, which makes it apt for Diabetics. Also, make sure you boil them or cook them a little bit before consumption to avoid bloating and gas.



Why eat meat when you can get a whopping 8.5 grams (approx) of protein by consuming merely a cup of Edmame. Originally from Japan, this amazing variety of soybean is gradually gaining popularity in other parts of world owing to its nutritional value and great taste. Edamame is prepared by boiling immature soybeans with their pods and it is then commonly served as a side dish. This soybean is rich in fiber, protein, and amino acids, making it beneficial for people suffering from Asthma and any sort of Lung infection. Moreover, a lower amount of carbohydrate and sugar makes it an apt food for patients with diabeties and fitness enthusiasts.

Key Takeaway: Buy high quality Edamame from a reliable grocery store or Farmer’s market. Further, do not add this soy in pod directly to any dish, instead boil it first till the beans turn a little mushy and then add it wherever required.


Chia Seeds

Have you ever imagined adding a powerful ingredient to your smoothie or salad and elevating the benefits by manifold? Yes, we all think like that and often mess up things over internet trying to find the best of thing available. Presenting Chia Seeds for you; the seeds are grown in Mexico and are now quite popular amongst people globally. Regarded as ‘runner’s food’, approximately an ounce of the seeds blesses you with 4.4 grams protein. Adding to the talk, Chia Seeds are rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, linoleic acids, and complex vitamins, such as niacin and thiamine. You can add these amazing seeds in your smoothies, salads, and overnight oats or breakfast cereals. Chia Seeds can transform your skin, lower sugar levels, and help with your digestive system.

Key Takeaway: It is advisable to soak Chia Seeds in water overnight and then add them to the desired dish. You will find gelatine like consistency, which means it is now alright to consume it. Dehydrated or dry Chia seeds can cause constipation or other digestive problems.



Did you eat your greens today? Well, to be honest, most of you did not and the reason is probably the colour or the taste. *Bull’s Eye*. Get the facts straight, you need greens in your diet. Most of the vegetables qualify on nutritional criteria like energy, total calories, and effectiveness. However, when it comes to declaring the powerhouse of all, Spinach takes the reins here and you still wonder why Popeye loved Spinach. The edible flowering plant is packed full of nutrients with protein being one of the star attraction. A bunch of cooked spinach has no less than a whopping 10 grams of protein, more than what you get from all the sources mentioned. You can make spinach based curry dishes, add baby spinach to your salads or simply blend them with your fruits and devour it anyway.

Key Takeaway:  The oxalic acid content in Spinach is high, which is why some people fear of eating them raw. Shun the myth and start eating spinach raw or half-boiled right now. Baby Spinach can be a good option to start with.



The grocery market is flooded with more than 1000 Quinoa based products and all of them are practically popular. Out of all, Quinoa is the most protein rich grain and encapsulates a high dose of healthy unsaturated fats within its shell. You would be surprised to know that per half cup of cooked Quinoa contains nearly 4 grams of protein, which is actually very impressive. Not just this, Quinoa also contains all the 9 essential amino acids and micro-nutrients offering it unique heath benefits. Quinoa, a whole grain Superfood, contains 8 grams of protein, Manganese (58% of the RDA) and Folate (19% of the RDA), to list a few, per 185 grams of the grain. If you are gluten-intolerant or suffer from a leaky gut then including Quinoa can be a good idea.

Key Takeaway: Quiona contains a good amount of Phytic Acids, which might upset your system. The best way to consume the grain is to sprout and boil it before you add it to your meal. This will lower the amount of the Phytic Acid and enable better absorption of the other nutrients.


You can always tweak your diet a little bit and explore other protein options anytime. This will give you a wide array of benefits and probably the most versatile platter you have ever had.

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