5 Wonderful Herbs to Help You Gain Weight Naturally

Who does not want to look good and feel comfortable in their own skin? Everybody does but then it sometimes seems difficult because your body is not in the frame or size that is “medically ok”. Another reason why you do not approve of your body is the weight issue and that too below the recommended limit. Skinny or scrawny are some adjectives that you heard all the time and now you are not ready to live with it anymore. This is quite understandable. However, what about all those failed supplements and medical appointments? It may not connect with you straightaway but going the herbal way can actually benefit you. Besides, you will not have to consume all those chemical laden supplements at all (well, this is not including big and reliable brands).

Disclaimer: This article is not asking you to depend completely on the herbs but advise you to do regular workouts as well.

To know more on workouts for weight gain, read Workout Plan for Beginners.

Here are the 5 amazing herbs:



One of the prime reasons behind being underweight is because your urge to eat food is feeble. Ashwagandha is an amazing herb for this problem and can actually positively agitate your dormant appetite. The herb can effectively reduce stress from your life, which could be a big concern and fuse in some energy. As you will feel energetic, the desire to enjoy the simple joys of life will also increase. Food brings joy and that is what Ashwagandha will make you douse into right away. Another mind blowing benefit is that it transforms fat into muscles and thereby help you gain muscle weight and some contouring as well. All these advantages have led big companies to introduce their own herbal as well as athlete supplements with a fair amount of Ashwagandha in them. Else, grow a plant and eat the leaves empty stomach every morning and evening.

Note: High doses of Ashwagandha might cause Diarrhoea, and Vomiting.



Cannabis is considered as an ‘unscrupulous’ herb in the medical world as well as amongst commoners out here. However, the infamous herb has the most amazing hunger-inducing properties.  A primary substance of abuse, Cannabis is actually a stress-reliever and helps you gain weight in a natural way. There are numerous ways to go for in terms of consumption, such as boil the leaves in water and add tea leaves of your choice for an ultimate concoction or powder the dried leaves and consume a teaspoon with water or just inhale the smoke. Whichever way you choose, the herb is anyway going to induce strong natural hunger pangs. The most important thing to focus on is where to get the leaves from, vendor or a plant. These days many local illegal vendors sell adulterated Cannabis leaf powder, which can wreak havoc on your system. Therefore, the best antidote could be to grow your own plant.

Note: Limit your dose to no more than 2-3 times a week, as Cannabis is an addiction too. Check a local herbalist for more information. For example, In the US, use of the herb is state-dependent. However, in areas where the intake is legal do require some prescription that indicates usage.



Ginger is a key ingredient in every kitchen of the world. The taste and aroma of this root produce can increase the overall delectableness of any food item. You often add Ginger to your tea or curry but it has more facets to it that are beneficial for your overall well-being. If you are underweight then you must know that it is not just one thing behind this issue but a culmination of several underlying concerns. One of the main concerns is the formation of saliva, which directly affects digestion and consequent urge to eat the next meal. Ginger stimulates the production of saliva (in cases of under production) and enables better food break down followed by a hassle-free digestion. Remember, an uninterrupted biological process inside your system assures better health and weight gain in a proper way. You can include Ginger in your diet as aforementioned or simply chew a piece of it while you watch an opera on television.

Note: Make sure you do not eat Ginger if you are expecting a baby.



The National Center for Complementary Medicine reports that a huge part of the world considers alternative treatments as a route to better health. The US, for instance spends about $14.8 billion on herbal therapies and natural food supplements. Speaking of beneficial herbs, Licorice is God’s gift to humanity. If you have sore throat or mouth ulcer or a bad digestion day, then grab on some Licorice sticks or a tea infused with the herb instead. Problems, such as Gastritis and heartburn are all results of bad eating habits or probably long gaps between meals. When you do not share good relations with your food then you cannot expect better results or a healthy body. Licorice is a great way to bring back the lost interest in gastronomical joys of life. The herb is easily available and you can get it easily at any raw health food stores for fewer bucks.

Note: Do not consume high amounts of Licorice if you suffer from high blood pressure.


Custard Apple

Call it a fruit or a herb in disguise, Custard Apple is here to stay for all the right reasons. The herb (let us call it this way for the sake of the flow here) is a drug for body and soul as it brings down the heat within your system. A fruit of a small deciduous tree, Custard Apple aids in digestion, encourages of proper stool movement and abundance of copper in the herb cum fruit enables nutrient absorption. All this positive things happening inside your system will ultimately lead to a better body-food habitat, thus, leading to weight gain. Moreover, the potassium content in Custard Apple pacifies muscle weakness and fatigue symptoms by improving the blood supply. Concisely, your body minus the stress is an open door to an increased desire to devour your food.

Note: Do not consume the fruit or the leaves if you are pregnant.


Herbs are a great way to understand the benefits of alternative treatments and medicines. However, you should not depend completely on them, as a good heath requires exercise, diet, and a positive state of mind. It is also advisable that you confer immediately with an herbalist in your vicinity and understand the effects of the herbs on your body. Every human being has a different biological system, because of which the cause of weight loss or condition of underweight might differ. Stay aware, stay healthy!


About Author:

Vineeta Tiwari is a content developer for past couple of years who loves trying out different topics of interest. A digital marketing enthusiast, she herself is a fitness junkie and a very active person in her personal life. She is exploring the wellness community these days and is on a mission to educate people to stay fit the right way. Being a minimalist yet living life King-size has never been so interesting and easy. Reach out to her at Google+

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