A ‘4- Exercises’ Beginners Workout Plan For a Toned Body (Non-Gym)

Skinny or fat, we all wish to have a chiselled physique, not because of our bruised self-esteem (absence of bodies as per “society norms”) but for the sake of a fit body and a healthy mind. With all these fitness programs, free camps and equipment, the problem sounds more like a lie that your mind wants to believe. No way are you going to say that you do not have the facilities but time is a big roadblock. 9 hours of strenuous work hours and arduous traffic jams zap the enthusiasm out of you.

Does that mean you can never get fit or pack on muscles on that skinny body? Well, there are a number of exercises, if done right anywhere and at anytime, can help you gain strength and muscles for that case. These set of exercises are natural, place independent and ideal for training your entire body at one go.

Here is a workout plan for beginners:

Cardio: Because We All Need It

You are wrong if you think only fat people need cardio. You need to shun this thought process now, for good. Cardiovascular exercises, such as walking are good for heart, lungs and are source of optimum strength. Before you commence your heavy-duty workout, it is imperative for you to prep up the muscles and cardio can be a better choice. Moreover, initiating the session with some pumping & jumping will also rev up the heart rate and make lungs more capacitated.

Below are the choicest cardio exercises you must do before the body building action:


  • Brisk Walking: Put on your shoes, choose a track and start walking at such a speed that you make a little bit of sweat.
  • Jump Rope: You need a good rope (search it online or buy it now) for this and beware as 10 minutes into this exercise and you will sweat crazy. Jumping rope can be an excellent cardio workout/warm up.
  • Cycling/Stationery Biking: If you live in an area that has a track or a ground/park, then it is time to try on the paddling thing. If you do not have the space, then go for a stationary bike and ride it for at least 20 minutes.

One Big Benefit:

Cardiovascular exercises burn calories, make lungs stronger and enable good heart functioning. Well, that is repetitive stuff, right? One big benefit is the release of endorphins (feel-good hormones). Your body releases the hormones when the body undergoes fast-paced exercises and later makes you feel happy and confident.


Now that your muscles are open and ready, it is time open up to bouts of little tougher forms of exercises for enhanced training. This particular workout plan is highly competitive and challenging and the benefits as good as any gym session.

The chalking begins now:

  1. Animal Walk

This is one heck of a workout as it trains the back, legs and practically any organ inside your body. If you fall flat over the cuteness of an animal, then try mimicking their walk for a change. Walks like Duck Walk, Crab Walk and Tiger Walk are some of the potential moves to make, guaranteeing complete body contouring.

Here is video for you: (A popular Youtuber)



Aiming to gain strength through your workout session should be a top priority, at any cost. Doing Lunges is a great way to shape up your legs and strengthen the back. The only catch is that no way should you be doing this exercise the wrong way or you will end up hurting your muscles. The steps to perform basic lunges are right below:


  • Keep your upper body straight, shoulders back and chin up (stare at a point/object in front of you so that you do not keep looking down).
  • Engage your core.

How to do a Lunge:

  • Hold weights if possible else no issues
  • Step forward with one leg, lowering the hips, bending both knees at about a 90-degree angle.
  • Your front knee should be above your ankle and not pushed out too far. Make sure your other knee is not touching the floor. Progress and keep the weight in your heels as you push back up to the initial position (start position).
  • Repeat the steps with other leg and start walking in the same way.


  1. Metabolic Workout

This is an intense set of exercise and can help you in making the next move towards your fitness goals. Metabolic fitness means performing exhaustive exercises with little intervals of rest in between. Planned and created by Jungin Jung, C.S.C.S., from SoHo Strength Lab, this routine is effective by making use of two old-school equipment: a medicine ball and resistance bands.

Some key takeaways:

  • The first five metabolic exercises include a light- to moderate-weight medicine ball, which will help you burn fat and maximize your power output.
  • The second round is performed using light to moderate resistance bands, resulting in fat loss as well as improved athletic performance.

Here is a brief view of what Metabolic Workout will look like:


  1. Fake/Natural Weights

No gym means absence of fancy equipment but that does not mean you cannot achieve the body of your dreams. Take a bow and start using stuff at home; surprised? Get over the confusion and grab on the following stuff:


  • Buy hand and legs weight online and fill it with sand. This can help you do some power walk or training your biceps.
  • Some household make use of gas cylinders for cooking and an empty cylinder is what your next target it. Before you attempt to refill it, try using it to pump up your muscles for a while. Lift an empty cylinder number of times you are comfortable with and see your hands and back gaining power in no time.
  • Fake dumbbells are right in your refrigerator. Take out a filled bottle or just fill up a 2-litre bottle and use them as hand weights. You can also lift bricks for a change. Crazy yet effective. This is applicable for beginners.
  • For medicine balls, you can make use of a basketball and for wrist balls, fill up a sock with sand or small road grains.
  • Do pull-ups if possible. Look out for some iron rod or a sturdy tree trunk and do pull-ups the natural way.


This workout plan is your pathway to achieving a tones body. All you need is consistency in your efforts and a strong will power thriving in your heart. Remember, you cannot attain a fabulous body in a matter of 2 months; you must foresee next 6 months as the timeline for your goal plan to succeed.  Start doing each exercise at a medium pace in terms of speed and intensity and gradually compete for an excellent level. An advanced workout plan is coming soon.

Best of luck!

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