A bowl of salad

Salads initially were either served as the smallest portion among the other food items in the meal plate or totally ignored. However today, people have understood the importance of salad and its benefits.

Incase you still do not include salads in your diet I shall give you a couple of reasons for incorporating them. You can also be very creative in making your salad colorful, tasty, crunchy, balanced, appealing to eat and obviously healthy.

Why should one eat salad?

  • Starting your meals with a bowl of salad will help you attain weight loss. Not a joke, it’s true because salads are low in calories, high in fiber and rich in other nutrients. Fiber helps you feel full making you eat the remaining meal less and ultimately lose weight.
  • Eating a high fiber salads aids in lowering cholesterol and also is known to prevent constipation.
  • Dark green lettuce, kale and spinach are packed with vitamins A, C, E and K, while bok choy and mustard greens also provide many of the B vitamins. This combination of vitamins supports the immune system, protects bones and keeps the cardiovascular system healthy. Unfortunately, light-colored leafy greens like iceberg lettuce don’t provide much nutrition — but they’ll still fill you up for fewer calories.
  • Most veggies have just 25 calories per 1/2-cup serving and are packed with vitamins and minerals. Since a veggie’s color often indicates its health benefits, aim for a rainbow of colors atop your salad.
  • A little bit of healthy fat helps your body absorb the nutrients in your salad. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should soak your salad with creamy, cholesterol-laden dressings. Instead, choose a drizzle of olive oil and a handful of olives, sunflower seeds, almonds or walnuts.

Vegetables and their associated health benefits:

  • Green veggies, like broccoli and asparagus, promote eye health and may protect against cancer.
  • The antioxidant lycopene, which reduces the risk of heart disease, is found in red vegetables like tomatoes, radishes and bell peppers.
  • Get a healthy dose of immune-boosting vitamin C with yellow vegetables like squash and yellow peppers.
  • Sweet potatoes, carrots and other orange veggies provide beta carotene, which benefits the immune system, eyesight and skin.
  • For a sweeter salad topping, choose blueberries; they’re packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compounds.
  • Purple veggies like eggplant and purple onion fight the effects of aging.
  • White veggies like mushrooms, onion and cauliflower can protect against cancer and heart disease.




The best and easiest way to include greens in our daily diet is to mix them all up or use one at a time in salads. They provide us with many health benefits and are also low in calories. Easy to carry and eat they also keep us fuller for a longer period. Hope reading this will add a lot of nutrition to your food plate and lead to your ultimate health goals.


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