About us

We are Healthxp.in. Your transformation goal is our mission. We are your personal fitness trainer. We will suffice you with the entire necessary dietary supplement to help you achieve your goal and in the process, accomplish our mission. We will stand by you as your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your support system. We will provide you with all the necessary tools and products you need to burn fat, build muscle and bring out the best in you.

Our Offerings

Resources – We offer our followers and readers with thousands of write-ups on fitness and body building. These free articles contain valuable information on various exercises that will help you achieve your goal. You just need to fix your goal and we will help you with all the necessary information related to nutrition, fitness exercises, diet chart, monthly plan and many more.


Find a Plan – All you need initially to start with your goal is a plan. We offer free fitness plans that include video instructions for doing the exercise in the correct manner, daily workout plans, nutrition information, guidelines for using the supplement, email and text inspirations, and many more. We can also help you keep a track of your transformation.


Store – We have tie-ups with all the major importers of supplement like Neuvera Wellness Pvt. Ltd, Kar Enterprises, Arena Impex, Bright Commodities, Global Impex, Ultimate Nutrition and many more. We are one of the leading authorized resellers in India. We have also obtained the authorized seller tag from these companies.


Community – Healthxp.in has one of the fastest growing communities in India. You will get to know of the real life stories of transformations by the people who are in the same journey. This will keep you motivated and help you succeed in achieving your goal. People from across the country are using Healthxp.in in their transformation journey.

Transformation Challenges – Transformation challenges you to your limits. It is not a onetime achievement, rather it’s a lifestyle. You constantly keep challenging yourself to the high-hanging fruits in the fitness world. We bring you such challenges with attractive prizes. So your passion becomes fun and you benefit with this in terms of health as well as wealth.

Our Core Values

Our core values reminds us who we are, our goals, our mission, and helps us unite even in the trying situations.

We are committed to:

  • Take each and every individual’s goal equally seriously as they do.
  • Motivate them with ‘Never Back Down’ attitude.
  • Helping them create roadmaps to achieve their goal successfully.
  • We measure our success based on the satisfaction of our customers.
  • We believe in always being truthful in every aspect of the business.

Our Culture

Our mission is to help everyone become healthier and be better parents, partners, and individuals. As to bring about the change in the world, you first need to bring in the change from your inner self. We want our employees to work on themselves, on their health, their families, and on their careers as well. We started in 2014 and since inception we have worked constantly on the core values and developed a strong culture.