Acne & Diet..

Having flawless skin is every individuals dream and why not? It only adds to the beauty of their personality. Most girls and women especially try every possible thing to make their skin look healthy and glowing. Today even men have become conscious about their skin to a great extent. However, today the most common skin problem individual’s face is of acne.

Acne is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease that results in whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts, and nodules. It is not dangerous, but it can leave skin scars.

But the question that now arises is whether acne is a problem of the skin or it can also be due to unhealthy diet. Individuals tend to wonder what is the cause for acne to keep occurring and re-occurring. The heightened cause of acne is a complex interaction of changing hormones, sebum, overgrowth of bacteria and inflammation.

Hormones which are one of the causes of acne are not in our hands but the other cause of acne which is our food intake is certainly in our hands. The quality and type of food that we consume plays a key role in maintaining health of the skin. Certain foods like bad fats in fast foods and junk foods, processed and refined foods especially sugar, white bread, processed breakfast cereals, white rice, chips, cookies and cakes, full fat dairy products causes spike in blood sugar levels and lead to acne.

The key role in keeping acne away is to have a healthy diet which keeps blood sugar levels steady and maintains alkaline pH.

  • Vegetables namely cucumbers, peas, cauliflower,beetroot, broccoli, lemons, leafy vegetables. The more vegetables you include the clearer skin you get.
  • Omega 3 oils namely walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, fish and fish oils.
  • Antioxidants mainly like VitA, Vit E and zinc like pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, papaya, nuts like almonds, peanuts, shellfish, avocados and mushrooms.
  • Water and High Fiber Foods for adequate hydration and detoxifying the body.


Apart from diet there are many other things that we need to keep in our minds to keep our skin healthy:

  • Wash your face no more than twice each day with warm water and mild soap made especially for acne.
  • Do not scrub the skin or burst the pimples, as this may push the infection further down, causing more blocking, swelling, and redness.
  • Refrain from touching the face.
  • Wash hands frequently, especially before applying lotions, creams, or makeup.
  • Choose makeup for sensitive skin and avoid oil-based products. Remove makeup before sleeping.
  • Keep hair clean, as it collects sebum and skin residue. Avoid greasy hair products, such as those containing cocoa butter.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, as it can cause the skin to produce more sebum. Several acne medications increase the risk of sunburn.
  • Use an electric shaver or sharp safety razors when shaving. Soften the skin and beard with warm soapy water before applying shaving cream.
  • Avoid anxiety and stress, as it can increase production of cortisol and adrenaline, which exacerbate acne.
  • Try to keep cool and dry in hot and humid climates, to prevent sweating.



Acne is a common problem. It can cause severe embarrassment, but treatment is available, and it is effective in many cases. There is no perfect plan nor one plan that suites all. Therefore it is essential to strike a balance which caters to individual needs.


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