Eatables for Ketogenic Diet

Advantages of the Ketogenic Diet, Keto Diet Ideas

What if I say eating tons of fats can transform your body into a well-shaped figure?

Don’t believe me? Stay connected and read along to break the myth.

Hello fitness lovers!!! welcome to Today I’m going to discuss Ketogenic Diet and its plans so that you can stay healthy and strong. In today’s world, people becoming lazy which can increase the risk of diabetes, causing weight gain. They are piling up themselves in very rusty activities. It is just a matter of interest where you can bring the change in you if you believe in yourself.

What is Ketogenic or Keto Diet

A ketogenic diet which commonly known as Keto diet is basically high fats, adequate proteins and low carbohydrates consumption plan. This diet is designed to burn your fats rather than your carbs, the normal staple diet which contains carbohydrates gets converted into glucose which is then transported in your body.

Let me put it straight in simple words, the regular food which we consume contains a lot of sugar which is definitely a NO-NO for our body, our stomach is used to focus strictly on the registered carbs and tends to burn down that filth. Our system gets immune to the habitat of our diet (e.g. Wheat and Rice) where both plays the villainous character in making you unfit.

Wherein consumption of fully rich in fat nurtured foods confuses your stomach and helps to burn the already stored junk inside your tummy. When fats food eating is on the go, our body does not get enough regular carbs from our daily food does so it starts gulping down the fats as there are no options left but the fats.

You can use a Keto Calculator to measure your goals and plan your diet accordingly

Advantages of Ketogenic Diet

Let us check the list of foods which comes in the favour of Ketogenic Diet. I am penning down the diet in 3 course segments, easy to follow according to your convenience.

For Breakfast – A handful of nuts can supply the required energy and nutrition to your system and can keep you charged all day long. Eggs, fruit juices, nuts, dry fruits, cheese, milk, honey, butter and any milk products can boom your day.

For Lunch – Greens will be the best option in this course, eggs or any source of rich proteins will make you feel fresh and good. A bowlful of mixed fruits can also do the working.

Enhance your Ketogenic diet in support of a good energizer called BPI Keto Aminos 1.32Lb

For Dinner – Dinner can consist of green veggies as well such as Broccoli, Spinach etc. Meat lovers can bank on their favourite type of meat. Vegetarian can rely on natural pulses for the same. Please make sure not to have dessert at least for 1 week at the start of your plan.

It is just a myth that consumption of fats can never make you slim in fact, you will gain more of it rather losing it. It was wonderful to bust this myth with you guys as readers and messengers. Drop down in our comment box if any queries, your kind suggestions are always welcome.

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  1. Vic says:

    I’m on a keto diet and I really lost weight from it. This is really effective.

  2. Santini says:

    Awesome article! I really learned a lot from this. Keep it up and looking forward on your future posts!

  3. Denmark says:

    The ketogenic diet really has some great advantages for some people. It just needs to be done properly and accordingly.

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