All You Need to Know About LEAKY GUT

Stomach pain? Feeling bloated a lot? Feeling angry, or sad, for no reason at all? Tired of skin problems? do you find difficulty in losing weight? Feeling miserable?

Now, something is probably wrong with you. Surely, something is just not right, but what is it? Your situation is indicating that you are suffering from leaky gut ☹ Leaky Gut?


What is Leaky Gut?

It is an increased intestinal permeability, in other words, your gut or your intestinal tract is allowing too many substances into the bloodstream and normally these intestinal walls are semipermeable and they allow properly toxins and undigested food from entering.

However, in the case of the leaky gut syndrome, the pores that are permeable open up and they allow toxins and undigested food to enter the bloodstream and you would be amazed to know that so many people are suffering from this awful condition and without realizing it!

The scary part is, leaky gut can lead to some serious problems like

  • Arthritis
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)
  • food sensitivities
  • Eczema
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Nutrient malabsorption
  • Autoimmune disease

Almost all doctors will tell you that healing the leaky gut is hard and it takes time but changing your diet and taking the right food supplements can surely heal leaky gut.


What causes Leaky Gut?

According to Scientists, the main reason of Leaky Gut is collapsing of protein from your body. It is believed that protein seal the intestinal wall together and they run through entirely to ensure each part is secure and stable.

When these proteins in your intestinal wall start breaking down, the structure becomes weak and that allows holes to form.

Diet while having Leaky Gut

As we started this blog we have mentioned the symptoms of having a leaky gut, now we will explore out loud in this section about the diet plan of leaky gut.

Bone Broth (soup) – It provides minerals, amino acids, potassium and glycine that help to heal your leaky gut.

Raw Dairy Products – Raw cultured dairy products like Chhena, cheese curds, yoghurt, fermented milk, buttermilk etc. kill the bad bacteria and help you heal from leaky gut.

Fermented Vegetables – Fermenting a vegetable allows to generate yeast out of it and they are considered to be good for the abdominal health. Fermented forms of vegetables can be found as a whole new side item for the consumption such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, pickle, kefir etc.

Steamed Vegetables – These vegetables are non-starchy and they are easy to digest when they are steamed, boiled or parboiled, and hence are the essentials of leaky gut diet.

Fruits – Fruits consumption is always a good source of fibre, minerals and energy. Specifically, apple and pears seem to have the property in them to fight leaky gut’s bacteria and keep you clean.

Healthy Fats – Consumption of healthy fats like milk products, eggs, fish, meats etc. helps in destroying the chaotic leaky gut.


Food and Supplements for Leaky Gut

These are the best 3 food supplements for leaky guts that you should add to your daily health routine.

Probiotics:image of probiotic medicines

When it comes to Leaky Gut, Probiotics are essential to heal that disease.  Probiotics help restore the good bacteria replacing the bad bacteria. This is a fact that, our ancestors didn’t take probiotics as most of them spent a majority of their time living outdoors and they usually plant and harvest their own foods. So, they are likely to get all the beneficial bacteria that are present naturally in soil.




Digestive Enzymes:image of spoonful of enzymes capsules

We all know the food is the main important thing that gives you strength and energy, but when your body is suffering from leaky gut, that it might possible that food becomes your enemy.

Shocked? But it’s a fact.

It is possible that digestive system fails to broke down the food and then the increased permeability of the gut then lets these undigested foods to leak into the bloodstream. And then they cause all the problems like allergies, skin problem and many other issues.

By taking Digestive Enzymes there will be fewer food toxins passing through the gut into the bloodstream and ultimately it saves from further damage.




L-Glutamine:image of l-glutamine powder

L-glutamine is very essential for healing the leaky gut as it is an amino acid supplement that covers up the intestinal lining and starts to recover the damage that has occurred. It also helps to prevent the future infections by thickening the walls.




Aloe Vera Juice:image of aloe vera juice

Aloe Vera has the tendency to cure many diseases, and hence it always considered as best in a natural product. It has many healthy properties which stand out to be the all-rounder in all major medicinal purpose. Aloe Vera is very good to fight with all the toxin which harm and causes leaky gut.




Final Verdict

Yes, it is true that LEAKY GUT is SCARY. But Luckily, it is treatable through minor dietary and lifestyle changes!

Adding healthy and right food supplements into your daily routine will help you speed up the healing process so you feel better sooner.

According to the research, there are many other food supplements you should take. They are Betaine HCL, Quercetin, Apple Cider Vinegar. zinc and omega-3 fatty acids!

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