Best and Simple 9 Abs Workout for Beginners

Frustrated of carrying your pot belly? Tired of being embarrassed in your fit friend circle? Are you one of them who cannot get down, bend down to try work out? Don’t want to give a thought about exercising hard to get results? Alright then don’t worry its time to transform yourself into hotties and hunks.

HealthXP presents you simple and best stomach exercises for beginners, you can adapt to make your core strengthen and gradually can get a flat tummy. First of all, you have to be honest about yourself and well disciplined to achieve your targeted goal.

Having a strong midsection doesn’t only mean to have six-pack abs or shredded cuts in your abdominal muscles, precisely having a strong core strength can do the talking. This is the most important muscle and body part for every human to do their daily routine work like lifting shopping bags, groceries, laundry etc.

9 Abs Workout for Beginners

Doing these activities requires a very strong midsection power, we consciously don’t know the importance of having a strong core muscle but you simply rely on it even for a slight lifting. Let’s start focusing and knowing the best simple methods to reduce your tummy fats and get into sleek shape.

Please Note – These reps are for the beginners, you can accelerate your reps once you are familiar with it.

  • Half Crunches –image of a girl demonstrating half crunches

Lay down on your back, fold your arms and place it on your chest and tighten your torso muscles. Raise your head and shoulder off the ground not completely but 30% or as much as you can go and hold it there for 3 seconds and then release. You will definitely feel your stomach muscles stretching, this is most common in all abdominal exercises.




  • Bicycle Crunches –Image of a girl demonstrating bicycle crunches

Lie down flat on the floor facing your front body at the roof. Lift both your legs just 10% off the ground. Hold your

hands behind your head, then bring your right knee towards your chest and lift your left shoulder blade off the ground to reach the right knee. Then repeat the same with your left knee and right shoulder blade. Do this reps at least 10 times on each knee and shoulder, but be careful not to pull on your neck, if neck muscle gets pulled quit core strengthening exercises for sometimes.




  • Crunch Clap –Image of crunch claps demonstration

This is same act as bicycle crunches, lie down on the floor.

Lift both your legs 10% off the ground hold your hand behind your head. Slowly bring your right knee towards your chest and lift your upper body and clap beneath your right knee (close to your right thigh). Repeat this rep with your left knee and make it an alternate reps of both the knees. This is also termed one of the flat tummy exercises. This workout is called crunch claps.




  • Leg Lifts –Image of leg lift demo

Remember all these are beginner workout to make you

core strength more powerful. Lie flat on the floor facing the roof and take a deep breathe & relax before you start this exercise for a flat tummy. Join your legs and tuck your hands aside, then slowly lift both your legs till it reaches the top making a 90° angle. Hold your legs on top, then push your lower body towards the roof, and then slowly let them fall down again. Keep repeating this 10 times and you will feel the sensation in your abdominal muscle.




  • Toe Touches –Image of demo of toe touches

Similar to leg lifts, toe touches are done in the same manner to

shape up the stomach, this is one of the ways to do ab exercises. Lay down on the matt straight with jointed legs and hand aside. Slowly lift both legs keeping them joined with each other make 90° angle with it. Once your legs are raised, lift your hands along with shoulders and upper body and touch the toes. After touching the toes, relax, release and go back to square one.




  • Knee Touches –Image of a girl demonstrating knee touches

Similar set up as of toe touches, you will have to follow this six

pack abs exercise but in your case, it will make your torso strong. Lie on your back, place both your legs in bend position on the floor. Now, cross your right leg over your left knee and bring your left elbow and touch the right knee with the left elbow. Reverse this process now, keep your left leg over right knee and make a contact with your right elbow to left knee. 10 reps on each side will affect your abdominal muscles to work towards it.




  • Side V-ups –Image demo of Side V Ups

This is the last simple stomach exercise while lying down flat

on the floor. Lie on your right side with your right arm laid out beside you, hold your head with your left hand. Raise your both legs sideways with the help of your hip strength and crunch up contracting your obliques, this will automatically lift your upper body as well. Slowly drop both your legs and upper body back down to the floor and repeat and the left side and follow the steps with the left side.




  • Dynamic Planks –Demographic of dynamic plank

It is an advanced version of

basic plank and similar to it too. We start this while lying on the floor facing the ground, you stick your both arms next to your shoulders and then push this will end your position like push-ups. Gradually change from push-up position to basic plank position and again back to push-up position. Repeat this 10 times as a beginners rep.



  • Mountain Climbers –Image demo of mountain climb exercise

For doing this abdominal exercise, lie on the floor as

push-up position. Then take your right knee towards your chest and drop it back, slowly take the left knee to the chest and drop it back. You can then accelerate your speed of changing legs and can literally run later on. Keep doing this for 2mins with a 30-second breather in between takes.



Following a discipline and daily schedule can easily give you the result. Doing these abs exercises will start strengthening your core muscles and will burn fats. If sticking to this routine daily can enhance your reps as go grow familiar with it. Who knows one day you will have six-pack abs.

Show us your love and share your thoughts, experience, and ideas with us in the comment box below, your suggestions are always welcome. Share this post with someone in your friend circle who really wants to lose their pot belly.

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