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Best Faces of Aesthetic Bodybuilding in India

In India, the craze for Cricket is abundant other than any of the activity. The government was, as usual, unobservant for the other sport and activities, now in very recent times, it has started focusing on other activity and has given the deserving limelight in the existence.

Fitness and health are one of the activities which have boomed its way and indulges in the reality. Social media channels are full of motivational content and have lit the torch of spreading the work ‘Fitness’.

On the other hand, there are people who are quite well uplifted in the field of fitness and health and has set their benchmarks for creating awareness and to motivate others to live a healthier life.

Indian Faces of Fitness

The following are the faces of fitness in India which helped our youth to think, breathe, adapt, accept and live a healthy life.

Sahil Khan:Sahil Khan flaunting his physique

Sahil Khan started his career with a pop music video of Stereo Nation’s ‘Nachange Saari Raat’ from then, he went on for a Bollywood shine. Recently he has become the owner and founder of India’s ??1st & Only Beach Gym in Goa. He is the Brand Ambassador for FITNESS EXPO Dubai and also a Brand Owner Worlds 1st Anti Doping SIX PACK Energy Drink called RealMix. He is known as the ‘Aesthetic King’ of India and has become the first Bollywood Celebrity to start his own YouTube Channel.




Sangram Choughule:image of sangram choughule showing his bulk

He was born on 28th December 1979 in Chinchwad, Pune. Sangram is known as an Indian bodybuilder who has won the title of Mr Universe at the WBPF World Championship. In the year 2012 and 2014, he was awarded in the 85 kg category, Sangram has won the Mr India??title six times consecutively and Mr Maharashtra five times. Choughule is the inspiration to all those who are trying to change their lifestyle and convert into a healthy one. Sangram has tons of followers on his social media channels, he motivates people in a right direction along with positive guidance.




Guru Mann:image of guru mann showing his fit body

Guru Mann is an expert guide for Muscle Building & Fat Loss services provided in India??. He is the best Professional Fitness Model. Mann is also a Certified in Advanced Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist from San Francisco, California. Guru has been modelling and working out for last 16 years. He specialises in training drug-free fitness training, and he owns a nutrition supplement called GM Nutrition. Mann has set up his personal website where he defines the fitness programs for every enroller, and prepare them for the fitness photo shoot.




Thakur Anoop Singh:thakur anoop singh flaunting his bare body

Thakur Anoop Singh was a former Pilot as in he has studied Aviation, then jumped into Indian Television as an Actor. Till 2016, he was associated with the big shows of bigger entertainer television platform. Before making a career in Indian Television, he was fond of fitness and a healthy life. He decided to build his physique just for the sake of his passion, turning his passion into a dream achievement for Thakur. Singh was stashed with the title of Mr India??, Mr Asia and Mr World in the year 2015. He is the young generation’s idol in well being of fitness and a healthier life.




Gurbani Judge:image of gurbani judge showing off her abs

Gurbani Judge aka VJ Bani or better known as Bani J. Gurbani is an Indian?? fitness model, who has also acted in Hindi Film Industry. She started her career as a contestant in a reality show presented by a youth-centric television channel. After contesting for the show, she became a television presenter of that same channel. She was seen in yet another reality show where she was the first runner-up. Her personal social media channels are full of spreading the word fitness and motivating other noobies. She is one of the fitness icons of India.




Shweta Rathore:image of shweta rathore

Shweta Rathore is an international physique Athlete in which she represents India. She is the first female from India?? to win the medal in World Championship. She has bagged a bronze medal in the year 2014 at 6th WBPF World Championship. Shweta has also won the 49th Asian championship. Rathore is Miss World 2014 Fitness Physique, along with the title Miss Asia 2015 Fitness Physique. She was crowned Miss India Sports Physique Champion in 2015 and has made history by winning a hat-trick straight 3-in-a-row. She is the fitness icon for the young female generation and for the correct guidance, she has founded a Fitness Forever Pvt Ltd fitness studio to boost up the young guns.




Sonali Swami:image of sonali swami working out

Sonali Swami, she is a mother of two and still in her magnificent shape, gosh it is so inspiring to see such ladies excelling and breaking the net of tradition. Sonali has won the title of BodyPower India 2014, she is endorsing a well-known nutrition supplement brand. Swami has also captured the spot of the winner of MuscleMania India 2014 for the category ‘Model and Fitness. Sonali is a Zumba Instructor, TRX suspension trainer, Les Mills Bodypump instructor, Bowka instructor, Bolly Aerobics instructor and a Kathak dancer. Now, she is on all the major social media portals to spread the joy and positivity of a healthy life.




Yashmeen Manak:image of yashmeen chauhan manak

Yashmeen Manak born on 21st March 1979 in Delhi, is an Indian female Bodybuilder who has won IFBB Ms Asia Bronze Medal in Bodybuilding Championship in the year 2016. She was also awarded IBBFF Ms India Double Gold Winner. Manak is Certified Personal Trainer from American College, Best Body Award winner, and Strength and Figure Athletes. Yashmeen was titled as the Iron Women of India. Nowadays, Yashmeen provides online training, aerobics, personal training, her social media activity helps to keep our young generation full on motivated, enthusiastic and different mi9nd set all together in the perspective of fitness.




We have highlighted their contribution in the field of health and fitness. These 8 and much more fitness motivator inspiring the young blood about the fit and healthy life

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  1. anas shaikh says:

    really appreciate the way you have listed down the motivators in Indian context, it was very inspiring reading about such hard workers… who have earned respect by their work, discipline, and also thank you too for making the list….

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