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If You want to build Muscle, Increase your Dietary Protein intake- But protein is not the only macronutrient responsible for Muscle growth. Protein automatically gets the credit for building strong muscles, but let us not forget about your carbohydrates intake too. BTN HULK MUSCLE GAINER contains an ideal Protein to Carbohydrates ratio of 1:1 for athletes that want to build lean muscle not only in strength but also in size.Carbohydrate is Carbo + Hydrate. Hydration of trained muscles is essential for gaining muscle volume and fullness. With BTN HULK MUSCLE GAINER muscles not only grow in strength but also quickly grow in size that can be noticed in the gym as well as in regular clothing also. 2 scoops(60g) contains 25g of whey protein,25g of carbohydrates,21 Vitamins & Minerals,5.7g Bcaa. Consume 2 scoops three times in a day. Consume 2 scoops three times in a day. Protein to Carbs ratio 1: 1. Instantized Protein to Carbs Ratio of 1:1. Supports Lean Muscle Mass. Anytime formula, where you need protein with perfect ratio of carbohydrates in your daily nutrition. Vegetarian enriched with 21 Vitamins and Minerals. Full spectrum of all the essential amino acids with 5.7 grams of BCAA. Whey protein concentrate 1: 1 Protein to carbs ratio



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Brand's HealthXP
Brand: HealthXP


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