Build a Healthy YOU by Quality Eating and Being Physically Active

Looks can be deceptive a phrase so true nutritionally…. An individual who looks fit may not be internally fit and healthy. The internal environment of the body is determined by our body composition- We are what we eat! The questions we need to ask ourselves are what is our body fat percentage? How much is our muscle mass? The excess body fat content (besides the bare minimum which is needed by all of us) can create a very unhealthy environment in the body. Essentially it works like a factory of hormones which create an unfavorable environment. On the other hand muscle is physiologically the healthiest and active tissue of the body which determines our ability to burn calories even at rest and also determines the level of functioning of all our vital organs.

So how do we get more muscle mass and less body fat?

There are three golden rules to achieve the same:

  1. Enhance the QUALITY of your daily food intake and not just concentrate on quantity.
  2. Increase the level of your daily physical activity.
  3. Be Positive and smile.

Quality Intake refers to variety in the diet with regards to all food groups like carbohydrate rich foods with fibre – (Coarse cereals, unrefined cereals, fibrous vegetables, fruits with skin), Protein rich foods (Low fat Milk, egg, lean chicken, fish, pulses, nuts, oilseeds), Good Quality fat ( Nuts and oilseeds), Protective foods (Green leafy and all colored and seasonal vegetables and fruits) in proportionate amounts.

Increasing daily physical activity begins with counting your steps every day. You should be taking 10, 000 steps in a day. One hour of walk or aerobic activity may be in a position to help you achieve this goal. So find opportunities to increase the count of your steps by walking up stairs, taking the lead in moving to do your chores, walking to your nearest train or bus station, taking walk breaks while working on computers. Always wear comfortable footwear to guard yourself from injury. Additionally do some flexibility exercises like stretching and yoga to strengthen your muscles and joints.

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