fight against covid19

Coronavirus! Covid 19! SARS –COV 2! China Virus!

Coronavirus! Covid 19! SARS –COV 2! China Virus! Are some of the words which are hounding our ears since last 5 months? We have been almost in a state of war with an invisible enemy, the situation across the globe is nothing less than a virtual jail. Crossing the line of the residence door is somewhere equal to crossing the LOC, people are totally clueless how to react to this situation so as is the government, lock-unlock is the situation which is nothing less than an state of confusion as to where the country is heading in fight with the Pathogen. Vaccine which seems at least 6 months away is not the immediate booster shot that the country requires to start running wheels full force. Vitamin C is something what people are considering as the only immediate solution that they can use as an preventive source but one must understand that all essential vitamins will have their own role-play but they have to be taken for a mentioned required time interval for the effects to be shown. Vitamins be it any alphabet will be your shield in the near future to fight an unseen but foreseen state of emergency. Wearing mask, handy Sanitizers will be as important as wearing shoes and sunglasses, the new normal is absolutely clear for at least 6 months till there is an Vaccine to this Pandemic. The Mortality rate although is very low as compared to the other viruses from the family but is big enough to scare the s*** out of any of us.

The physical exercise has been the most talked about theory to increase the Immunity which a Human body needs to fight any outside body trying to attack the immune system. People need to exercise immaterial of what activity they are doing. An idle body will do no good but will reduce the Immunity further which will be an easy levy for the virus to rule over us once we get back to our normal life. An hour of any sort of Physical activity will give unprecedented benefits which were often overlooked in the pre Covid era.  We have to be strong enough to face many other consequences as the life post Covid will never be the same as it was.

fight against corona

But the biggest problem overlooked is the Mental Health. People will survive the Covid by far in Majority but the mental health of everyone being at home for more than 4 months will be catastrophic. Once at home there are an galaxy of thoughts running through a person’s mind which makes him an victim of nothing but overthinking the situation which will end up doing more harm than good. Decrease in Dopamine and Serotonin which are the neurotransmitters in human body responsible for the state of mind. When both this are low which tend to happened due to many factors will result in Depression. Depression is by far one of the biggest killers in India after Cancer and Road accidents. If one is depressed they need to consult a psychiatrist at the first but over Indian society thinks that only “MAD” are the category going to them. A Depressed person is as normal as any other person walking besides us, by far the stats show that 8 out of 10 people living in the Indian metro cities are suffering from Depression of any sort be it Clinical or Chronic. Off lately we have seen many celebrities taking the route of Suicide to end their life which makes us think that people who have achieved almost everything can fall prey to this mental illness than anyone can. This Pandemic when everyone is at home there is almost no Human socializing which was an important part of our Culture as well as ancient civilization we will tend to be more depressed and start feeling the life is quite unworthy to extended and might get the suicidal tendencies or any other sort of depressive feeling but we will have to fight all the odds and come out as a winner setting an example for the generations to come which we prey should not experience this kind of era of Pandemic which we have seen. If we ever get a chance to help any person suffering from any mental illness we should always lend our helping hand as this will always be an emotional support rather than any monetary one which will also help us in reversal to fight any sort of situation similar if we happen to face in our lifespan.

This Virus has taught us many lessons in life but the most important lesson is the value of human life which is unmeasurable. If we have truly learnt the lesson and are going to implement the same in coming years of our life , this world my friends will be a better place to live.

Let’s all come together leaving all the caste, creed, race and just fight this Pandemic as a Single Human race and set an example for the coming generations teaching them that Humanity was the winner in the battle against the Virus.

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