Ghee and its benefits

I personally love the pure, unadulterated, smooth and delicious ghee or better known as Clarified butter largely made out of Cow’s milk. For me ghee always had an upper hand over all the other fats available in the market. After I completed my B.Sc. in food science and nutrition I got a clearer view on ghee.

Ghee quickly was integrated into the diet, into ceremonial practice and into Ayurvedic healing practices. It’s believed to promote both mental purification and physical purification through its ability to cleanse and support wellness. Ghee benefits the body both inside and out, and is actually used topically to treat burns and rashes as well as to moisturize the skin and scalp. Much like coconut oil, it’s a multi-use fat that is healthy in many ways!

Science says 

Modern science has discovered that ghee is rich in antioxidants. The fats in ghee aid absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals from other foods, strengthening the immune system. Ghee is also rich in butyric acid, a fatty acid with anti-viral properties, which is believed to prevent cancers and tumours.

Recent research has also detected presence of linoleic acid in ghee. Linoleic acid retards the growth of some cancers and protects us from heart disease. This acid is often lacking in a vegetarian diet.

According to B S Raheja, the ex-director of All India Institute of Diabetes, the present epidemics of diabetes, heart disease and some cancers is due to not including ghee in our diets.


Benefits of Ghee

  • Ghee is a source of beta carotene and vitamins A, D, E, and K. Beta carotene and vitamin E are vital antioxidants. Vitamin A is naturally present in ghee, which is lacking in other edible oils.
  • Ghee has no milk solids, lactose or sugars. These get separated out when the butter is made into ghee, so it’s good for lactose intolerant people too
  • Organic ghee has no additives, preservatives, oxidized cholesterol or trans-fatty acids that clog arteries.
  • Ghee is highly stable and does not go rancid even at room temperature.
  • Clarified butter has a very high smoke point than butter but lesser than oil—it does not burn at high cooking temperatures.
  • Ghee is useful for both external and internal use. Because ghee helps to increase immunity, that subtle essence of tissue that is responsible for life, radiant health, vigor, and overall well being.
  • It also removes toxins from body & mind.
  • Ghee is beneficial in promoting growth and development in children. It also improves memory and concentration power.
  • Ghee has its healing properties. If used directly on cuts, wounds or burns, it has powerful healing action. It can be used to cure gangrene, Ulcers etc.
  • Pure ghee has anti-oxidant properties which promotes healthy metabolism and aids weight loss(when used in a moderation)
  • Ghee is good for nerves & brains. It helps control eye pressure and is beneficial to glaucoma patients.


With all the above benefits I encourage you to reap the benefits of consuming ghee. However it is of great importance to use it as a replacement for the current fat being used. Going over board will not have any additional effects. Ghee is one of the seven healthy fats you need in your kitchen.

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