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HealthFarm Hydro Gain Muscle Mass Gainer 5kg

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Healthfarm Pure vegetarian Hydro Gain is a complete bundle of high-quality mass gainer, launched in the market to get healthy weight gain. This mass gainer or weight gainer product is designed for every regular or advanced level athlete who wants to get the ideal weight and toned body. A box consists of top-quality ingredients such as 84g Protein, 136g Carbs, 18g BCAA, and 15g Glutamine, D-Biotin (10mcg) along with multivitamins. These key ingredients are the best source of energy. 1 serving scoop size of 125gm provides 458.77 high-calories to the body. Helps in muscle growth, the product comes with Glutamine and multivitamins that aids in improving immunity levels that kills several germs, infections, bacteria, and hazardous virals in your body.

Zero lactose, zero sugar with digestive enzymes, Hydro Gain is easy to prepare by mixing in the water or milk. It gives you the option to consume it in the morning, between meals, or even before sleep. Take it once a day or twice a day or thrice a day that’s completely your choice.

Buying Hydro gain will be your long-term investment as one serving size of 125g delivers tremendous advantages, it keeps you full for a long time and cuts down your unhealthy cravings, hence, get an ideal weight in a few days at an affordable cost. Strawberry Banana & Chocolate Gateau, is one of the tasty and jaw-dropping flavors everybody wants.

No need to check several links on the internet when hydro gain takes a pledge to manage your weight healthily; BCAA builds and repair muscles, carbs turn fat into energy, multivitamins elevate mood, manage stress, develop brain functioning, increase memory retain the ability, maintain muscle strength, increase energy and much more, so how much you need in few pennies?


  • 125g serving scoop supplies 458.77 calories to your body that every underweight, skinny person or weightlifter needs to take every day to gain weight. A perfect mass gainer supplement in India to fulfill your calorific requirements and help you to get a muscular body.
  • Get rid of a slim or skinny body, this mass gainer or weight gainer contains 136 carbs, 84g protein, and 18g BCAA improves muscle mass, eliminate muscle soreness, repair damage muscles and a major source of energy for your body. If you are slim or skinny, Hydro Gain manages your weight in a healthy way.
  • Contains 15g Glutamine assists in instant recovery from muscle tiredness and improves exercise performance. Supports making proteins for muscle tissues, fueling cells, providing prevention to the intestine, boosts the immune system, and detoxifies the liver.
  • A great source of multivitamins with D-Biotin (10mcg) is the complete package to reduce the unnecessary stress or worries from your mind. Helps in boosting memory, better brain functions, prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease including heart failure, heart attack, easy nervous system, hydro gain supplement power uplift your lifestyle, and help you live peacefully.


● Mix 1 serving scoop (125g) in water or skimmed milk.
● Shake to mix up well.
● Drink 1 to 3 shakes every day.


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Brand's Healthfarm
Brand: Healthfarm


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