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Healthxp BCAA 210g, 30 Servings Made In Canada

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The better your muscles recover, the better you are able to perform well at each of your workout sessions. As muscles are comprised of long chains of amino acids that are used up when you work out so, If your diet is not sufficient to replenish these amino acids, ultimately it will lead to muscle loss and you will not able to perform to your best ability. Branched Chain Amino Acids are directly absorbed by the muscles for immediate recovery. Using a BCAA supplement such as HealthXP BCAA along with your protein supplements is the best way to get optimal nutrition to support your fitness routine.


Key Features

5000mg BCAA.
2500mg L-Leucine.
1250mg L-Isoleucine.
1250mg L-Valine.


Mix 1 scoop of BCAA in 1-2 cup of water prior to consumption. Ideally to be sipped on throughout workout.



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Brand's HealthXP
Brand: HealthXP


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