Healthy Diet Plan of Muscular Khans of Bollywood

Healthy Diet Plan of Muscular Khans of Bollywood

We all are so fond of Bollywood and specifically for celebrities, we are raised in the country where the profession is much like a religion and we follow like a ritual. It is the industry which has succeeded in entertaining the audience across India and recently in another side of the globe.

Everybody wants to be in this industry and many of us dream to be a part of it someday, as it seems very lavish and luxurious but it’s not a piece of cake. It takes a hell lot of hard work and dedication to enter into this field of glory, that’s the reason only best of best can survive and breathe successfully.

The storyboard of a movie demands a humongous effort from all the crew members and require a lot of transformation to suit in a particular role of their expertise. To be perfect in an allotted role part, they have to be more dedicated and genuine in the work of the field. For that, they can develop a whole new personality and identity to be of a character which is the hardest part as they undergo physically, mentally and emotionally transformation.

For the offered role, all Bollywood actors and actresses have to maintain their body and sometimes build a physique to do justice best on their part. To put it in simpler words, it is very difficult to be a part of such industry where you have to sustain your stardom in a hectic schedule, but it is not rocket science either.

For almost 2 decades, there are Bollywood stars who are successful in conserving their talent along with the dedication and hard work. We always find them attractive, energetic and mesmerising on screen, but have you wonder what makes them so active? Well, let us discuss the reason behind their enthusiasm.

Working out daily is part of their job, or you can call that is termed in their “Job Description”. But first of all, it’s their diet who they considered to be a very basic stage of all. So note down friends “Diet is the key“.

Healthy Diet Plan of Muscular Khans of Bollywood

Check out the best-detailed information on the Healthy Diet Plan of Muscular Khans of Bollywood below

Shahrukh Khan – Shahrukh Khan is also known as “King Khan of Bollywood” had a very unusual food intake as we all do, he loved junk food to the fullest with aerated drinks. Prior to starting a project on Om Shanti Om, he had gone to a severe physical fitness drill to shape up.

Bare body Shahrukh khan

  • Protein intake diet consisting of milk, fish, skinless chicken, beans, legumes, egg whites and various meats.
  • A dash of healthy protein drink after every count of his workout.
  • Fats consumption was less as he prefered grilling over frying.
  • He avoided grains, sugar and rice to minimise the calories.
  • Heavy doses of green plants food as his main course.
  • He replaced sweet dishes with a bowl of fruits.
  • For liquids, he consumes 3 litres of water daily and also the fruit juices (no alcohol, tea and coffee).

Salman Khan“Bhaijaan”, “Dabangg Khan” and “Tiger” of Bollywood, these are the pseudo name given to him by the die-hard fans of him, he is the heartthrob, charming, dashing and one of the most respected stars in the industry. Girls go crazy for his persona and have titles him as “Shirtless Sensation” for the ladies. He has always maintained his physique from the day he entered Bollywood.

Image of Shirtless Salman

  • He burns 3000 calories in a day with a heavy workout.
  • His breakfast consists of 4 egg whites and a glass of low-fat milk.
  • He gets a dose of protein drinks and eggs before hopping on a workout field.
  • After sweating in the gym, he consumes protein bars, nuts, oats and again 3 egg whites.
  • In lunch, he has a full bowl of green salads along with the veggies.
  • Evening snacks purely relying on protein bars and dry fruits.
  • His dinner ends with mass numbers of meat intake full of proteins.


Aamir Khan – A Indian Film actor, a producer, a director, television talk show host and much more, the multi-talented human being which is also known as “The Perfectionist” of Bollywood Mr Aamir Hussain Khan. He is one of the best talents which we have in a country, he dives deep into the skin of a character to portray it like the way nobody can imagine.

This is the skill of method acting which he followed from being a cab chauffer in  1996’s Raja Hindustani till being an arrogant music composer in 2017’s A Secret Superstar.He is the only actor in the industry which has gone through many transformations in his career that one could really think of being possible.

Let it be Ghajini, Dhoom 3 or PK, he was seen in a spectacular shape on the silver screen. He pulls off everything lined before him in a very loyal way. Let’s peep in his healthy diet plan or else we call it his basic of the project.

  • He always avoided oily stuff as a diet.Image of Aamir Khan without shirt
  • His diet was not a specific one but mix diet.
  • Eating staple diet like Rotis made up of 3 grains (wheat, bajra and jowar).
  • Biscuits, brown bread sandwiches and Papaya marked as his favourites.
  • Chicken breast, fish and egg white in both as lunch and dinner meal.
  • All mix balance diet will only pay off when being active in workout and exercise.



Here we have presented the proper diet set up of the 3 Khans of Bollywood, you can share your thoughts about this post below, just drop in your comments and share your affection with us. Your advise and suggestions are always welcome.

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