HIIT: What is it?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an intense workout with short intervals of quick rests. This type of workout does not usually require any equipment and can be done anywhere. It is cardio training that has become the new regime for a lot of people. No matter the goal HIIT workouts mostly high-intensity exercises such as high knees to help you shed the weight.

Most often weight loss occurs due to changes in diet, but sources have found that HIIT helps in shedding the fat without changing your diet. This exercise regime includes Tabata, 20 seconds on- 10 seconds off workout routine that helps burn the fat faster. It may sound easy, but those will be the most difficult 4-minutes of your workout. You can shuffle up your workout routine with HIIT, it can be only cardio like running, sprints, jump ropes, etc. or it can include strength and core too such as squats, crunches, battle ropes, and so on.

Though HIIT workouts are not new to the exercise routines, it still is growing in popularity now. The various benefits of adding this routine to your workouts are:

  1. They help improve endurance and strength. These exercises have been proven to improve endurance with an eight-week cycle.
  2. Maximum effort in minimum time helps burn fat faster.
  3. HIIT is one such workout that affects your body even after the workout. Due to the level of intensity and short breaks, your body continues to increase the metabolic rate and helps burn fat.
  4. It also helps with blood pressure control, reduces heart rate, and sugar levels can be kept under control.
  5. The biggest advantage apart from health is its cost-effectiveness. HIIT workouts can be done anywhere and it does not require any equipment.
  6. HIIT workouts are challenging. These exercises can be a combination of various exercises and it will make you push your limits. Moving you out of your comfort zone and making sure you never get bored.
  7. Through HIIT you can hope for some muscle gain, but not as much as weight training.

To give justice to such workouts that need you to give your maximum there are various supplements you can take. Supplements are usually taken to give the body the required nutrition it does not receive through food. Intake of protein helps keep you fuller for longer and gives you the necessary strength to go through the workout. You can buy protein supplements online from an authentic online supplements store.

Finally, HIIT workouts are full body exercises suitable for everyone. But given the intensity of the workouts, it is advisable to do them two or three times a week. Back to back workouts will not give your body enough time to recover and repair which is extremely important.

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