How to Take ON Gold Standard 100% Mass Gainer Whey Protein Powder

Protein Powder Demand Rising in 2022 is Simply Because of the Rich Protein Supply to the Body.

As a grown-up reading this, you once were a new baby born and used to be fed proteins given by human milk, that’s mother’s milk. And later, slowly, as the baby was growing, many other food choices helped the growing body to become stronger when supplied on time. Every two hours, children below the age of 7 years are given protein food supplements like food and drinks. Moreover, at a certain age, the consumption of protein food or supplement increases.

And now that you have reached a stage where you are almost 20+ years old, planning to be fit and stronger, build muscles, get the best physique, and make the best use of physical training activities and processes. While doing this very well and more seriously, there are times when you pick protein foods like fish, meat, and eggs for daily intake in your meals. Some people also take the whey milk protein shake mix to sustain their energy level. Like if you are reading, it’s sure that you may have selected some products like whey protein powder or some protein shakes available in the market.

Good! You have selected the best choice of mass gainer whey protein. We believe so. Also, to help you with an expert’s choice, we want to offer and present you with the world’s best protein powder and India’s leading protein pack for muscle building and body shape for the weight championship.

Here is a Magical Wonder Working Whey Protein Powder

Gainer for Weight Gain and BodyBuilding. 

Interestingly this protein powder is one of the most excellent choices for everyone trying to figure out which whey protein mass gainer is good for daily intake. 

Follow How to Take This Excellent Product for Best Healthcare-


It is the purest of all! This Whey Protein Powder Gold Standard 100% Serious Mass Gainer is available on our website HealthXP. With some exclusive and tasty flavors.  Well, the interesting thing is how you can make this protein shake satisfy your stomach.

Check Out –

1.      Mix it With Only Cold Water or Normal Water

Take One Scoop of the Protein Powder in 6 to 8ounces of Water that is One Glass.

Steps to Use –

Just mix the protein powder in the water and mix it until it is dissolved. Mix it well! Let it form a thick creamy shake.

Now you can drink it anytime while working out or after working out. It is advisable for you to actually consume after workouts as it is needed for the body. And for the rest of your plans it depends upon you how you take it! You can add on any fruits, dry fruits or as many as such! Just know not to add on any other supplements or medicines, it is strictly prohibited.

2.    Mix it With Milk and Other Beverages

Instead of water, you can also use milk and other beverages, you can stir it up until it gives a creamy shake. You can also add on additional amounts of fruits, dry fruits, you can add chips or whatever you think it’s suitable for your taste and healthy intake. Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is available in various flavors like Double Rich Chocolate, Delicious Strawberry, Extreme Milk Chocolate, Mocha Cappuccino and a lot more.

When to Use Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100%

Taking Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein may be easy and healthier if you take it daily for mass gain. If you have this question somewhere, “When should I take this protein powder?”

Morning Intake

You can take this in the morning before or after workout. This helps for you to be full at all times. It recovers your muscles and also gives you excellent healthy growth while you are doing the basic muscle pulls or jump squats that are very tough.  

Before You Workout

Remember you need to take whey protein benefits before 30 minutes to 60 minutes to keep your tissues and organs strong and more exercising.

After You Work Out

It’s important to take whey proteins after workout because it actually helps regain strength. Increase muscle growth and is a great help for quick recovery. It also helps the metabolism activity to work faster and hence it gives excellent digestion, keeps your blood circulation, keeps you warm in cold season and also helps you for better breathing and keep you well focused.

Each Scoop of Whey Protein Also Called Protein Gym Powder

Each scoop of protein powder gives you the best protein which is much pure, excellent and much more useful for repairing the restoring your cells, tissues, organs and moreover body functions. Know how per scoop can change your work out levels and build extra mass for healthiness and best physique for your body.

Facts, Benefits and Advantages

·      Excellent Support for Muscle and Recovery, Best Maintenance for Body Functions

·      Available in More Than 5 Flavours that is Double Rich Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Coffee, Delicious Strawberry, Extreme Milk Chocolate, and Mocha Cappuccino.

·      22- 24 Grams of per serving helps the muscle building for everyday work out

·   Contains 5.5 Grams of Natural BCAAs per serving to support and your body fitness and endurance

·      Known as the World’s Best Selling Whey Protein Powder

·      It is 100% Gluten Free

·      Follows international standard to keep away the banned substance tested

What is 100% Gold Standard Whey Proteins?

100% Gold Standard Whey Protein is the most popular and one of the best supplement foods for both men and women to intake and build lean muscles, gain weight or manage weight. The protein powder is rich in amino profiles to maintain muscle repair, make enzymes and also to have the best hormone balances for healthiness and smooth functions in the body. It is the exclusive one.

Should I be the Right Person to Take this Protein Powder?

·      If you exercise Every Day for Body Building.

·      Need More Fats in the Body.

·      You are weak and you have started going to the gym and are above 20+ years old.

·      You are a bodybuilder, athlete and you want the best physique.

·      Regain the lost muscles and work out hard.

That’s it???Stay tuned for more tips, advice and information! Buy the Offer Price! Now! Hurry and visit Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder!

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