Is the Zero-Cal or Diet Soda Fad Worth a Look?

People go bananas over anything that reads or say Diet, Lose Weight Fast or similar marketing fancy words. A majority of Indians and Americans has abandoned sugary drinks and joined the ‘diet everything’ team. Sadly, the flipside would scare you because all these marketing gimmicks are going to infest your lives in no time. There have been constant debates online and offline on whether drinking a diet soda or drink can do any good or if they could ever replace the dreaded sugary drinks. For years, people have been consuming the poison thinking no-sugar gimmick will free them from the fear of being ridden by carbonated drinks and the maladies associated.  Time for a face-off people, here are studies and 5 horrible things these diet drinks do to you:

Diet Cold Drinks: A Wolf Under a Sheep’s Skin

Unless you do not hear the facts, the determination to rip off the urge to drink these carbonated drinks would not go away. Here are the studies that are focused on the hazards of consuming Diet Drinks and inferences that you might be interested in knowing.

According to a study conducted by a well-known neurologist at Boston University School of Medicine Matthew Pase, there is a strong association between the consumption of diet soda and both stroke and dementia. There is not much talking on the causation, however, the study does throw light on the correlation. People who consume diet sodas, oblivious to the sugar content and toxin levels, are more susceptible to attacked by Alzheimer’s disease. Pase insists on further studies that might enlighten people more on the aftermaths.

Another study by the researchers at Framingham Heart Study (FHS) revealed that people who drink sugary beverages are more likely to have smaller overall brain volume and suffer from por memory. Medical science calls it suffering from smaller hippocampus—an area of the brain important for learning and memory.

Now that you have, the facts stated in front of you, it is important now that you start analyzing what you put in your mouth. The body would behave accordingly and your energy levels will be determined by how you choose to fuel your system. It is high time that you start seeing things from the right perspective and go through the road that takes you to facts. With that said, have a look at the 3 ways your body gets destroyed by the diet sodas:

3 Horrible Effects Diet Drinks Have on Your Bodies

  1. A Face Full of Zits

An elaborate view of the aforementioned studies clearly says that consumption of diet sodas or carbonated drinks in general messes up the insulin levels. If precaution is compromised, you might also get the dreaded diabetes. An increased insulin levels further interferes with the normal functioning of sebaceous glands, resulting into acne. You would normally see people who are junk food junkies are obese and have one or the other kind of skin issues. In such cases, antibiotics or OTC creams would not work and the last resort would be to reiterate to clean eating habits.

  1. Tricks Your Brain

Diet Sodas trick your brain in an unusually horrible way. When you drink artificially sweetened drinks or diet drinks, your brain is unable to count the exact calories because there are not as sugary, which is why they do not fully trigger body’s metabolism. Moreover, your brain cells and the nerves that run through your body fail to recognize the intake calories, thereby triggering a higher amount of hunger pangs to compensate for the increased cravings. This could have devastating effects on your body and may put you in a weight gain zone. Further, people who drink diet soda crave sugar a lot more than people who drink water or health drinks.

  1. The ‘Poop Trouble’

Diet Sodas are not sugary or in friendlier terms, they are not “as sugary”. However, the sweetness is there and companies use the so-called healthier alternatives or artificial sweeteners that are no less than a silent-killer. Sweetener like sucralose is proven to cause constipation, diarrhea, and even bloating. The Gut is one of the building blocks of a healthy body and a colony of good bacteria that facilitates better digestion. Artificial sweeteners in Diet drinks create troubles in your gut and this cause severe gas issues and you face hard time digesting food. If you want to prevent troubles in your poop paradise, then avoid the diet drink and the ongoing fad backing it up.

The Verdict

Anything with Diet written on it can befool you and put you in trouble. These food items and especially the drinks are loaded with toxins and the deadliest is the artificial sweetening agent, which affects metabolism and sabotages your weight management goals. The current situation gives a bold shout out to the age-old lifestyle habits that our ancestors followed. Switching to water, detox water, and fruit & vegetable juices are some of the weapons that can destroy all these culprits coyly under the marketing sheets of companies. Do not fall flat to the attractive gimmicks and use your full mental abilities before saying yes to a trend.


Author Bio

Vineeta Tiwari is a content developer for past couple of years who loves trying out different topics of interest. A digital marketing enthusiast, she herself is a fitness junkie and a very active person in her personal life. She is exploring the wellness community these days and is on a mission to educate people to stay fit the right way. Being a minimalist yet living life King-size has never been so interesting and easy. Reach out to her at Google+

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