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Latest Exercise Trends of 2018 For Fitness Freaks

Hello, all you fitness fanatics out there, still stuck with the same old boring routine? Performing the old school method of the cliche gyming? Here we present you the new fitness trends of 2018.

The Traditional Drill

Since Ancient India, we have a strong belief in Yoga as it’s origin is still mysterious and are a matter of debate. Yoga is a group of discipline where one can get a perfect practice of physical, mental and spiritual stability.

Till date, Yoga is still followed as the Indian legacy for healthy life and determined for its inhibition of making inner peace, meditate for relaxation, calm your soul and mentally strong.

The New Age Outlaw

In recent decades, there are various urbanised methods of staying healthy and fit along with the mantra of Yoga. Modern gymnasium, Aerobics centres, Zumba etc. are the new face of staying fit.

Many of you are successfully subscribed to the services and are depended on it for your healthy life. The modern and social activities for fitness consist of Aerobics, Dance, Doonya, Kick-Boxing, MMA, Zumba etc.

New School Charisma

New kinds of fitness activity take a huge leap in the urbanised fitness hub every year. All the new activities have given a very new dimension and enhanced the interests of all the noob workout freaks. Let’s dive deep into the latest workout trends 2018.

1. Battle Rope

Image of a girl doing battle rope

The name says it all, this is literally a battle with a rope, it is also known as training rope. It’s a very heavy, 40ft long, 1.5 inches thick and strong nylon rope which you struggle and move it. It mainly focuses on muscles in your upper body, abs, back, and glutes. You can also indulge in movements, such as jumps, lunges, and squats for working on your legs too.

2. Fitness Ladder

Image of fitness ladder workout

You might have seen Football

players and Cricketer do a warm-up drill before their match, they put safety cones for precision in warming up. Similar to that, fitness ladders are designed to work on functional strength, cardiovascular endurance and also to improve your agility. You can do various types of jumps, cross running, one-legged race etc to accept the challenge on fitness ladder.

3. Aerial SilkImage of aerial silk activity

It consists a simple cloth (mostly silk) tied on the ceiling where you hang on it to float in the air or keep yourself away from the ground. This is a trending workout for professionals like ballerinas, trapeze artists, dancers etc. You need to have hell lot of upper body strength to hold yourself against the gravity during the aerial silk workouts.


Image of a girl squatting on BOSU ball

BOSU which stands for ‘Both

Side Up’ is fitness training device invented by David Weck in 1999. It is basically a balance trainer where it helps to increase your body balance and shape your form, stance and posture while working out. It has many variations in BOSU workout.

We cannot stand still on a sphere (gym ball) so it is the inventory version of it in a semi-sphere instrument. This is one of the best inventions of training equipment in the fitness world.

5. TRXImage of a girl on TRX workout

TRX workout commonly known as ‘Total Resistance Exercise’ this is originated by Navy seal. This instrument was first used by Navy officer in order to increase their body resistance. It’s a stretchy band also known as resistance band training. You can utilise the various form of TRX to tone up your specific body muscle respectively.

6. Pair Workout

Image illustration of pair workout

What can be better than working

out in pairs, by far this is the coolest workout which is trending currently. Acro Yoga and Tango Yoga are the two well-known form of pair workout. You can motivate your partner and get motivated by them while working out together. There are many activities in partner workout like dual squats, paradigm tower, school drive etc.

7. Aquatic TreadmillImage of aquatic treadmill running

Similar to the normal ground treadmill, the running activity is done underwater in an aquatic treadmill. This is a full body workout as it is not easy to run in water, water sucks all your energy and drains you completely. It requires a lot of stamina and core strength to do aquatic treadmill workout. This is one level up than usual treadmill running.

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