Summer Avoiding Foodlist

List of Heaty Foods To Avoid In Intense Summers

Sweat, Irritation, Tiredness, Sickness, Summer…!!! Errggh 🙁 This is frustrating at its par. Can’t feel free to step out of the house and enjoy.

Being uncomfortable with every activity you do, getting temporary short-tempered on every little thing, tiredness without doing anything, prickly heat all over the body, fungal infections, allergies, diseases, etc are the major signs of the summer season.

But hey, wait, don’t you guys enjoy your summers? Vacations and yum foods are the excitement in summers you can bank on it.

You need to be slightly careful about what you eat in the season of heat waves, avoid gulping down any edibles which can upset tummy.

All meat lovers should hold their cravings by not consuming non-veg foods and should avoid a lot of spicy food as well.

Heaty Foods To Avoid

The following are the mentioned edibles you should avoid in hot summer.


  • Ice-cream:

Ice Cream


This usual pack contains nearly 500 calories and gets 60% of its yum flavour from saturated fat. The best way is to make your own ice cream at home using lower saturated fat.


  • No spicy food:

Spicy Food

Spices can certainly enhance a meal, but spices also can burn your taste buds and heat up the body, as they boost the rate of metabolism.


  • No non-veg treats

Rich Non-veg food

Summer is a bad time to gulp down rich charred meat, gravies and roasted tandooris, and even seafood. This increases the heat in a person’s body and makes them sweat more, it can also cause diarrhoea due to indigestion.


  • Stop Junk food

Junk Food

You should say a big no to Burgers, Fries, Frankies, Chaats, Saucey street food, sour and other oily delights in summer to maintain your healthy digestive system.


  • Salted Bites:

Salted Bites

All these salty bites contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), this is the major reason of fascinating your taste buds and addicting you to harmful appetizers, and in results, you gain weight and become unhealthy.


  • Avoid Condiments:


Avoid all condiments including cheese sauce as it has 350 calories approx in it leads you to feel bloated and sluggish. Salt is a very basic ingredient in any sauce, so it has too much amount of Monosodium Glutamate in it. We advise you to keep your meal nutritious and natural.


  • Stuffed Eggs/Deviled Eggs:

Stuffed Eggs/Deviled Eggs:


The risk of infection of Salmonella is highest in deviled eggs once they don’t seem to be controlled at the proper temperature (at or below forty degrees Fahrenheit). The infection will live to tell the tale each the within and outdoors of eggs and therefore the egg will still seem absolutely traditional.

Deviled eggs are hard-baked, that ought to kill any germs within the eggs. However as a result of you mix a bunch of eggs along for the filling, and so it’s at temperature, microorganism will grow to dangerous levels if an egg is undercooked or contaminated when preparation.

Buy eggs solely from stores or different suppliers that keep them cold at or below forty degrees Fahrenheit, and serve deviled eggs on ice in any respect times.


  • Strict No Leftovers:


Leftovers ought to be handled properly in addition. Once everybody has ingested, place the food in its acceptable hot or cold atmosphere. Food unnoticed becomes a drag as a result of it enters the temperature zone, between forty and a hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit.


Our Take

Count what number of hours the food has been unnoticed overall. If it’s on the point of or over four hours, trash it. Do that particularly if the food was unnoticed an honest a part of the day, and at the most popular a part of the day, simply get eliminate it.

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