Biggest Sports Supplement Store In Thane

Indian sports nutrition retail HealthXP has opened its huge store recently being in business just a year and is capitalising on its growing popularity to educate consumers.

We witnessed a special event dedicated to the opening of the HealthXP’s Physical Offline Supplement Store in Thane which was inaugurated by the Brand Ambassador himself 21st (Rajiv Gandhi Foundation) Global Excellence Award winner for being India’s Official Fitness Icon Mr Sahil Khan.

Sahil Khan Inaugurating Thane Store

The largest supplement store in Thane West promises the customers to experience the complete range of 100% Authentic Sports Supplement brands under the same roof.

HealthXP’s Thane store assures safety for all the customers by providing the genuine brand products with an intimate environment that reflects their core values of craftsmanship and innovation.

The motto of introducing a physical sports supplement store is for those who do not trust on online payment mode, or who has endured a bogus transaction fraud, the one who believes in checking, scrutinizing, and analysing the item live before purchasing it.

The opening of the new showroom was hosted by Mr Sahil Khan and with the co-founders of HealthXP Mr Girish Joshi and Mr Sarvesh Moghe.

The store opening already boasts a large number of fitness enthusiasts along with the fan trails, and the unique combination of store and service provided a wider appreciation of their unique heritage.

The store management planned for a disciplined style, using in-store cameras to check-in on the outlet from home to avoid any bad circumstance.

“We started in 2011 but not as a sole store but as a seller and somehow recently a year back we started with our own website, we have grown from a one-stop online store company from July 2017 to a 6 store firm today”, Co-founder Mr Girish Joshi said.

He added, “We have planned to expand like a wildfire and will be opening many more offline stores all over India, thanks to all the supporters who supported us throughout our journey”.

“Our next target would be Delhi as we get a lot of request from that side and if everything works according to our plan, we will be soon opening our store in Delhi as well”,  Co-founder, HealthXP Mr Sarvesh Moghe said.

Mr Moghe added, “As Delhi is on top in terms of a number of health and fitness conscious individuals in India, it garnered a 10.48 per cent share of the total number of shipments”.

With regard to the stores, the company is in the blueprint phase of having their franchise partners across India. All set and done let’s hope for the best and let’s hope for a better and healthy India.