HealthXP tied up with Aditya Birla Group, a strong & healthy partnership

Staying healthy and fit both mentally and physically in this current world has become crucial. Owing to our desk jobs and stagnant lifestyles our bodies do not get the required exercise and strength. Hence, Aditya Birla Group in collaboration with HealthXP has started a wellness program called Multiply. With every HealthXP product, you get free gym visits, diet consultations, fitness assessments, and more. For instance, if you buy whey protein supplements like HealthXP Whey 5.5 lbs+ HXP BCAA+ Multiply,  you get a offer price.


Multiply is a one-of-its-kind wellness programme. With its 1 year membership, Mulitply helps you understand your health, give you easy access to improve your health and reward you for healthy behavior. With Multiply you are offered 6 gym visits across 1000+ gyms so you can workout anytime, anywhere. Sign up and get a cashback up to Rs. 2,400 on your fitness devices and get a health assessment from experts. This programme offers its clients several rewards too like free access to fitness centers, Multiply points on fitness devices, offers on vacations and savings on everyday expenses if you use one of the brand partners such as Amazon, Uber, Samsung, Big Basket. Multiply ensures your fitness from day 1.


HealthXP’s basic goal is to help you reach your transformation goal. They act as your nutritionist and supplements experts. They also provide you with all the necessary tools to burn that fat. We are here to guide you with the necessary dietary supplements and as fitness training guides. HealthXP is not just a brand of supplements but is a community. They share several transformation stories that may be identical to yours and assist you in reaching your goal weight. Their blog column has everything with respect to weight loss and health.


Their commitment to fitness is taken extremely seriously. They respect our clients and their goals and teach them to “Never Back Down”. They believe that the change you wish to see around you needs to come from within first. Their vast range of products has something for every type of body.


Finally, to help people reach their goals and assist them in creating a healthier lifestyle the collaboration between Health XP and Multiply is a good fit. Promoting healthy lifestyles should be done more often. We often forget that keeping fit and healthy is not only for the body but also for the mind. Your mind and body both need to be happy to ensure overall health.