HealthXP in association with Kumite 1 League

HealthXP, India’s fastest growing online health, nutrition and dietary supplement store pledge to promote health and fitness awareness among youth of India at the official launch of Kumite 1 league in the city of Mumbai on 29th September 2018.

The first-ever edition of Kumite 1 League a Mixed Martial Arts League which was the inaugural event of the Toyam Industries which represented teams from about 12 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, UK, USA etc. Former professional world heavyweight boxing champion Mike ‘Iron’ Tyson inaugurated the Kumite 1 League, the first global team Mixed Martial Arts league.

Kumite 1 League was supported by All India Mixed Martial Arts Federation (AIMMAF) and World Kickboxing Federation. The League witnessed the participation of renowned players in MMA segment including Hemant Wadekar from India; Hayder Hassan from the USA; Antonia Gordillo from Argentina; Mohamed Gamal from Egypt etc.

Mixed Martial Arts is a full contact combat which involves grappling and striking, utilizing a blend of techniques from both Martial Arts and other combat sports. The sports requires extraordinary fitness to sustain in a match and the league is expected to further increase the rising fitness interest and awareness in India.

As globalisation rapidly spreads like a wildfire and covers its way across the country, India consumers are utilizing more informed dietary choices and getting information on various best workout strategies.

Indian consumers and specifically, the youth is now more aware and conscious than ever before regarding health and fitness, be it consumption of wholesome foods or their growing interest in understanding nutrition labels.

With a strong belief to elevate this spiking trend, HealthXP started its operations in the year 2014 to promote the importance of health and fitness awareness in India via offering end to end fitness and nutrition expertise coupled with 100% authentic, high-grade nutrition supplement.

Elaborating more on introducing the fitness habits in India, Mr Girish Joshi, Co-Founder, HealthXP commented, We are glad to be associated with Kumite 1 League, the first of its kind Mixed Martial Arts event in India. With India ranking among one of the youngest nations in the world, international events like Kumite 1 League will play a considerable role in bolstering fitness awareness and sports participation among the country’s youth.’’

HealthXP has also recently roped in 21st Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award for Official Fitness Icon of India, Mr Sahil Khan as its brand ambassador in India. Mr Khan with a fan following of millions of fitness enthusiasts across the globe will now be endorsing the company’s nutrition products across the country along with promoting the urge of fitness.

‘’Our core ethos at HealthXP centres around promoting awareness related to fitness and genuine health supplements across the last mile of the nation and our alliance with Kumite 1 League is a testament to that,’’ added Mr Sarvesh Moghe, Co-Founder, HealthXP.

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