Nurturing skin naturally..

Each one of us today is looking for a cream that will bright up our skin and make us glow and fair. However in true sense we actually abuse are skin, by applying every cream available in the market. We do not fail to experiment any new product launched in the market for skin.

Skin is an important part of our body as it performs many roles which are vital, such as regulating temperature & protecting us from infectious disease caused by virus and bacteria.

To some extent we nourish our facial skin with creams and lotions however the other areas are neglected.

Cosmetics will give you more than 1000 procedures to brighten up your skin, but I personally would like to bring to light the nutritional and healthy ways of making skin healthy.

Vitamins are the best nutrients that you can provide to your skin. Vitamins such as A, D, E, C and B-complex vitamins have known to play an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Photochemical which is present in vitamins is capable of preserving the body various bacterial, viral and free radical invasions. Anti-oxidant property of vitamins which is known to all prevents the skin from oxidative damage.

Vitamins through the diet are neglected as they are micronutrients and world today is running only behind macronutrients namely carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

  • To incorporate vitamins in the diet it is essential to have 4-5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Colorful Salads should be present in the diet on a daily basis and salads should have maximum colors as they prove beneficial to the skin.
  • Indian gooseberries commonly known as amla should be a part of every individual’s diet as it helps keep the dermatologist at bay.


Supplementation is needed when an individual’s diet does not meet the daily requirement of nutrients. The requirements of micronutrients today are not met and are highly neglected which makes it essential to include supplements in the diet.

Supplementation of Omega-3/fish oil capsules and multivitamins have shown positive effects on skin.

Foods to be restricted

As we know there are foods which should be included in the diet there are many foods which have to be restricted and avoided as they not only make the skin feeble but compromise the over-all health of an individual.

Junk foods, fatty foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages and refined products have negative effects on the skin. Hence it is said that these foods in the diet should be restricted and consumed occasionally.

Smoking can also accelerate the process of aging and causes face to wrinkle before time.


Water in the diet plays an important role for skin health. Drinking enough water keeps the skin hydrated and retains the moisture status of the skin. Water helps in clearing out toxins and waste from the body which helps the skin look healthy.

Stress and sleep

Research has shown a positive link between people who worry too much and its effect on skin. Therefore it is said stress is not good for the body and skin.

Getting good night’s sleep is equally essential to maintain healthy skin. 6-8 hours of sound sleep can be helpful to improve the skin. As we all know insufficient sleep causes dark circles around the eyes.


It is an important key to healthy skin. Little did we know that exercising regularly improves the blood flow in our body especially to the skin. Blood not only carries pure oxygen but also transports nutrients to our cells. Thus, by increasing blood flow exercise keeps the skin nourished and healthy.

The thumb rule here is that in order to maintain your skin cosmetic treatments are not the only and first resort. We should nourish our skin with a blend of all the above points. Chemicals for glowing skin should be avoided and kitchen foods and exercise should be integrated in daily lifestyle.

Supplement with Collagen

Collagen peptides are a safe and natural ingredient that can be easily digested to improve the appearance of your skin. Unlike creams and lotions that only improve the outer layer of the skin, these supplements will increase collagen levels in the dermis. This important layer is responsible for keeping your skin tight and firm, and to ensure a flawless complexion at any age.








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