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Brand: Alvizia

Alvizia Omega 3 Triple strength fish oil 1400mg ( EPA 495, DHA 330 ) 90 Capsules

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Key Features:

  • Triple Strength Fish Oil Supplement
  • Immunity Booster, Joint Health
  • Heart Health, Bone Health
  • Supports Weight Loss

Brand: Alvizia | +91 6283365585 | [email protected]

Sold By: Alvizia Healthcare Private Limited


1. Smayan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd - Plot no. 26-27, HPSIDC Ind Area, Vill - Davni, Baddi, Dist: Solan, H.P. 173205 |
FSSI no. : 13017001000417 [email protected] 2. Rainbow Human Care Pvt. Ltd. - Vill Bhud, NH 21A, Baddi, Dist: Solan, H.P. 173205 |
FSSI no. : 10914011000334 | [email protected] | Country of origin: India

Omega 3 supplements are very important for improving heart health and also in keeping the heart healthy.  Fish oil pills help in gaining more muscle. Omega 3 fatty acids are also used by athletes and bodybuilders for recovery purposes and to reduce the stiffness of joints. Consuming omega 3 daily can improve mood and helps to feel relaxed. Higher intake of omega 3 is associated with higher bone density. Omega 3 DHA also plays a very important role in the development of the brain and the improvement of memory. Fish oil supplements help in improving hair health by strengthening and nourishing the hairs. The fish oil comes with very unique and distinctive properties of improving the immune system. Fish oil 1400mg pills also act as a laxative. Omega 3 fish oil 1400mg is used as joint support supplements by various athletes and gym going people. The people who are suffering from obesity can consume omega 3 fish oil capsules to fasten the weight loss process combined with a healthy diet and exercise. It also facilitates better learning and memory skills in both men and women. Omega 3 tablets are also useful in improving sleep quality. DHA Omega 3 also helps to strengthen the immunity system. The best way to obtain omega 3 is through dietary supplements.It is also available in tablet and powder form.


  • Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids found in fish oils. These fatty acids are basically important nutrients that play a very crucial role in various functions and processes of the human body. Omega Fish oil is responsible for the health of various body parts like heart health and brain health.
  • Fish oil capsules contain EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA(docosahexaenoic acid) that are important fatty acids helps for maintaining a healthy heart, moisturized skin, shining hairs and to maintain joint health. Omega 3 fatty acids may help in making tough workouts feel easier by providing strength to perform better.
  • Omega 3 plays a vital role in nutrition and wellness. Fish oil omega 3 supplements may help in reducing weight when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Omega 3 supplement is considered good for overall wellness.
  • Like heart and brain, our eyes also rely on omega 3. Consuming Fish oil 1400mg may help in the improvement of vision. EPA & DHA have been found to help and support retina of the eyes. EPA helps in maintaining a healthy heart whereas DHA  supports memory, brain and eye health.
  • The acids found in fish oil functions as an antioxidant that helps in protecting skin from UV rays and may also help in healing the skin. DHA supplements support learning and memory throughout life whereas EPA fish oil promotes joint comfort and healthy immune response.


Fish Oil 1400mg

FormSoftgel Capsules
Number of Servings90
Serving Size1 Capsule
Size90 capsules

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