BodyFirst 100% Whey Protein (5 Servings)


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•Country of Origin: India

Key Features:

  • BodyFirst 100% Whey Protein has the purest form of protein. Isolated with the best technology, the whey protein isolate in BodyFirst 100% Whey Protein is nutritionally superior and undenatured.
  • BodyFirst 100% Whey Protein contains instantized 80% whey protein concentrate providing an excellent source of whey protein that is closest to the natural form of whey protein
  • With the help of the enzyme complex, ProHydrolase in BodyFirst 100% Whey Protein, 90% of the protein is digested within 30 minutes. This ensures that there is no digestive discomfort caused since the protein is broken down into the smallest components that are easy to digest
  • ProHydrolase present in BodyFirst 100% Whey Protein maximizes the absorption of the amino acids present from the whey protein by 20%. This makes more fuel available to working to working muscles, enhancing the performance benefit of whey protein
  • ProHydrolase present in BodyFirst 100% Whey Protein Powder helps in digestion and absorption of the protein, making 20% more amino acids available to the body for building muscle and improving muscle recovery

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