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Domin8r Nutrition Amino Attack, 0.52 lb

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Manufacturer Details:

Evolution Sports Nutrition Pvt Ltd, 401-404, Parmeshwar Estate, Next to Hotel Grand Hometel, off new link road, Malad West, Mumbai - 400064 | +91-022 40074600 |

Key Features:

  • Anti-Catabolic.
  • Support Muscle Building & Recovery Efforts.
  • 5 gms BCAA
  • 3 gms SAA
  • NOTE: The Supplement is completely safe for consumption, it's just the ingredients are hygroscopic in nature and may form lumps.


Domin8r Nutrition Amino Attack, 0.52 lb

Domi8r Nutrition’s Amino Attack Built with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and genuine silk amino acids (SAAs) combines two of the most influential and exciting ingredients into one essential, complete, and all-encompassing sports supplement.

Designed to fuel and support muscles, BCAA+SAA works to increase muscle Strength, aid in muscle recovery, as well as improve physical stamina. Whether you rain, CrossFit grapple, run, or cycle, the Amino attack is designed for you and your muscles! Use Amino Attack regularly to assist in building muscle, recovering sore muscles, and increasing muscle glycogen fuel), which in turn increases muscle –endurance.


  • Prevents Muscle Tissue Breakdown.
  • Supports Muscle building & recovery efforts.
  • Enhance aerobic & anaerobic recovery.
  • Decrease Fatigue.


L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-Valine, L-glutamine, taurine, L-glycine, L-alanine, L-serine, L-theobromine.

Sucralose, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, malic acid, permitted color.


As the dietary supplement, take 2 scoops with 200.250ml of water daily as a serious athlete you know just how much intense weight training can break down muscle tissue. This is evidenced by the workout.

Additional Information

BrandDomin8r Nutrition
Size0.52 Lbs
Number of serving24
Serving size10g
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