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Domin8r Nutrition lean Muscle, 5 lb

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Smooth Chocolate

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Manufacturer Details:

Evolution Sports Nutrition Pvt Ltd, 401-404, Parmeshwar Estate, Next to Hotel Grand Hometel, off new link road, Malad West, Mumbai - 400064 | +91-022 40074600 |

Key Features:

  • 8500mg CAGT BCAA Complex.
  • Creatine monohydrate, creatine hydrocholride, arginie alpha keto Gluterate, L-glutamine. glutamine peptide, L-leucine, L-isoleucine & L-valine.
  • Testo boost complex.
  • High boost complex.


Domin8r Nutrition Lean Muscle, 5 lb

Domin8r Nutrition Lean Muscle HGH is specifically designed to increase body weight and muscle mass, without adding a lot of body fat on an individual. This formula provides your body with a sample amount of macronutrients requisite to promote an environment of muscle growth.Domin8r Nutritionís Mass Mutation is a state-of-the-art advanced product, designed with various metabolic requirements in mind. Each serving is packed with an array of performance enhancing ingredients such as CAGT-BcaaComplex, GH Boost Complex, Testo Boost Complex, Advanced Carb-Shuttle complex and much more. 1000+ calories per serving GH Boost Complex Testo Boost ComplexCreatine, Arginine, Glutamine, Bcaa Advanced Carb Shuttlers Low in Sugars.


  • Contains essential nutrients for vital body functioning.
  • Provides surplus energy throughout the day or after a heavy workout.
  • Reduces the breakdown of muscle cells.


Maltodextrin,whey protein concentrate,milk protein concentrate,soy protein isolate,calcium caseinatemmicelleto casein,whey protein hydrolysate,creatine monohydrate,creatine ethyl ester,arginine alpha keto glutamate,glycine,l-glutamine,glutamic acid,taurine,l-leucine,l-isoleucine,L-valine,cocoa powder (only in chocolate variant),xanthan gum,sodium chloride,sucralose,chromium picolinate,4-hydroxyisoleucine.


Mix 5 Scoops (250 gm) with 400-500 ml of cold low-fat milk or water. Serving size and mixing ratios can be adjusted to meet individual requirements and taste preferences. For ease of mixing use either a blender or a shaker.For best results take one serving in the morning and another immediately post workout. Additional servings may be taken during the day to meet individual caloric requirements. Alternatively, use as recommended by your physician.

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26 Jan, 2018
Very good product and the result is also very good., the product is authentic

Additional Information

BrandDomin8r Nutrition
FlavourChocochino, Smooth Chocolate, Strawberry
Size5 lbs
Weight (kg)2.3
Number of Servings22
Serving Size100 g
GoalLean Muscle Mass