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Dr. Vaidya’s Herboplast Lep for Muscle Pain & Sprains Pack of 2

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Key Features:

  • Herboplast combines the healing properties of 3 herbs which help to relieve sprains and muscular pain. This paste boosts the healing process of mild fractures and sprains on different parts of the body. It is recommended that this paste is applied on the affected area before going off to sleep. It also provides relief from Arthritic pain, Rheumatin, Sciatica, Joint pain, relief from stiff muscles, Knee muscles, Knee pain, Back pain and Muscular pain
  • Relief from Sprain and Muscular Pain
  • Helps to fix sprains and relieve muscular pain, Boots the healing process of sprains and mild fractures, Relief from arthritis, rehumatism, sciatica, joint pain

Brand: Dr. Vaidya | [email protected] | +912223521189

Sold By: Dr. Vaidyas

Ships From: Bhivandi, Maharashtra


Herbolab India Pvt. Ltd., 65-72, D-Wing, 1st Floor, Span Industrial Complex, Vapi-Silvassa Road, Dadra-396193 | Country of Origin: India

Living a life that is free of any pain can prove to be a boon. Not only can it help you exceed your limitations, but can also work wonders for your mood and attitude. HerboPlast is an effective Ayurvedic pain-relieving plaster known to help with muscle sprains and joint pain

HerboPlasis essentially a pain reliever that Boosts the healing process of sprains. Concocted using some of the choicest herbs, this Ayurvedic supplement is known to offer relief from arthritic pain, sciatica, and joint pain. It also proves to be rather effective in cases where there is a chronic pain without a visible wound and helps relieve swelling.

The lepa is a blend of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving herbs. When applied as per suggestions, it gives relief by reducing inflammation and pain. It is effective against joint pain, swelling, spondylitis, sprains, and cramps.

As per the ancient Indian medical science of Ayurveda, pain is caused due to various deficiencies in the body that are governed by the Vata Dosha. HerboPlast is meticulously formulated in a way that helps overcome such deficiencies. When used as per directions, along with adding nuts, seeds, leafy vegetables, and dairy products in the diet, this muscle strain treatment paste offers instant relief.


  • This Ayurvedic Medicine offers Relief From Arthritis, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Joint Pain, Stiffness Relief In Stiff Muscles, Knee Muscles, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Muscular Pain.
  • It Also Proves To Be Rather Effective In Cases Where There Is A Chronic Pain Without A Visible Wound and Helps Relieve Swelling.
  • Helps to fix sprains and relieve muscular pain.


  • Alio
  • Pilio
  • Gum Acacia
    This herb is known to have a sticky texture, which makes it an effective substance to reduce irritation and inflammation. Moreover, Gum Acacia is known to ease stomach and throat discomfort, as well.

Net Quantity

50 g X 2


HerboPlast Paste to be applied to the affected area and then put a thin cotton pad over it which will stick to it. After 24 hours remove and apply a new plaster.

Apply the HerboPlast paste directly on the area of pain, and cover it with cotton or bandage. Let the paste rest overnight or for at least 10-12 hours. Then, wash it off using water.


Recommended Course

Minimum 7 days

BrandDr. Vaidya's

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