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Dr. Vaidya’s Weight Reduction Pack

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Key Features:

  • Treatment for Healthy Weight Management and Hyper Cholesterol.
  • Treatment for Obesity and Hyper Cholesterol
  • Ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol

Brand: Dr. Vaidya | [email protected] | +912223521189

Sold By: Dr. Vaidyas

Ships From: Bhivandi, Maharashtra


Herbolab India Pvt. Ltd., 65-72, D-Wing, 1st Floor, Span Industrial Complex, Vapi-Silvassa Road, Dadra-396193 | Country of Origin: India

Dr. Vaidya’s Weight Reduction Pack consists of two Ayurvedic formulations that are helpful in managing weight and cholesterol. This pack contains Lipoherb capsule which is an Ayurvedic formulation that helps in managing lipid metabolism along with Kabaj Pill that supports proper bowel movements. This special health pack is 100% natural, chemical free and is designed to last for 1 month.

Lipoherb comprises of some of the choicest herbs such as Harda Ghan, Amla Rasayan, and Shuddha Guggul Powder. The combination of these ingredients stimulates the metabolism of the fat cells thereby burning any excess body fat. This ayurvedic medicine for weight management, when taken in the recommended dose can help trigger the process of weight loss.

Kabaj Pills is essentially an ayurvedic medicine for constipation which stimulates bowel movements and offers relief from the pain and discomfort caused due to constipation. This, in turn, helps the body get into a better routine, thus improving the metabolism, and consequently helping in weight management. In order to complement the benefits of this medicine, one should also incorporate certain dietary changes. These include increased intake of water, consumption of high-fibre foods and inclusion of probiotic foods in the diet, complete with regular exercise.


  • Treatment for Healthy Weight Management and Hyper Cholesterol.
  • Treatment for Obesity and Hyper Cholesterol
  • Ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol


Weight Reduction Pack comprises of the following products/ingredients –

Lipoherb, an Ayurvedic supplement for weight management, comprises of the following herbs –

  • Harda Ghan
    This Ayurvedic herb is known to stimulate the cleansing of the digestive system, consequently helping the weight loss. Chebulinic acid present in Haritaki has lipid lowering action.
  • Amla Ghana
    Polyphenols present in amla fruit juice are known to be effective in lipid lowering.
  • Nagarmoth Ghan
    Nagarmoth or Nutgrass is a prominent herb in Ayurveda, which is known to enhance the digestive power of the body.
  • Gulvel Ghan
    This natural element is known to slow down the absorption rate of food in the body, thus helping one feel full for a longer duration.
  • Gurmar
    It is a staple herb of the Ayurvedic apothecary, traditionally used for supporting balanced blood sugar levels and dulling the palate to the taste of sweets.
  • Gokhru Ghan
    This herb acts as a diuretic and helps expel excess water from the body, thereby averting water retention issues.
  • Haldi Ghan
    Also known as Turmeric, this herb is used both as a curative and a preventive agent. It is known to be an effective blood purifier and helps cure digestive ailments.
  • Kariyatu Ghan
    This anti-obesity herb assists the body in shedding fat with increased ease.
  • Shuddha Guggul Powder
    This concoction speeds up the burning of fat by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. It also accentuates the metabolism of lipids and promotes the natural death of fat cells.


Lipoherb: 1 capsule three times a day before meals,
Kabaj Pills: 1 pill at night after dinner.

Net Quantity

Lipoherb – 30 N X 3 (Capsules)
Kabaj Pills – 24 N X 1 (Pills)

Recommended Course

Minimum 3 months

BrandDr. Vaidya's
FormPills, Capsules
Serving SizeKabaj Pills(1 pill at night after dinner), Lipoherb(1 capsule three times a day)
Size24 Pills(Kabaj Pills), 90 Capsules(Lipoherb)

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