ESN Lean Whey, 4.4 lb

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Sold By: Evolution Sports Nutrition Private Limited

Manufacturer Details:

Evolution Sports Nutrition Pvt Ltd, 401-404, Parmeshwar Estate, Next to Hotel Grand Hometel, off new link road, Malad West , Mumbai - 400064 | | +91-022 40074600

Key Features:

  • ESN Lean whey helps to reduce body weight & body fat
  • Formulated for people striving for fat reduction
  • Zero Fat Sugar, Lactose & Gluten
  • ESN Lean Whey provides maximum anti-catabolic support because of its unique composition of bioactive whey peptides and BCAA
  • Helps maximum gain in Lean muscle mass


ESN Lean Whey 4.4 Lbs Chocolate is the best Muscle Gainer Supplement. It is one of the most elevated quality, very edible, least demanding blending, incredible tasting proteins accessible. Whey Isolate is normally rich in glutamine, BCAA’s, cysteine, minerals, lacalbumin, lactoferrin, and supplements which bolster glutathione levels that advance insusceptible framework function.* With ZERO fat, sugar, lactose, gluten, or different pointless fixings, ESN’s Iso Whey furnishes you with a greater amount of what you need and none of what you don’t !

ESN’s Pure Whey is a definitive low carb, low fat, unadulterated protein supplement for competitors, muscle heads and other physically dynamic and wellbeing cognizant people. ESN’s Pure Whey is the most noteworthy quality and organic esteem type of protein accessible. The Low Temperature Ultra filtration process utilized evacuates fat and sugars and disengages imperative bioactive whey portions, including the insusceptible upgrading glycomacropeptides, which are not found in whey proteins delivered by different techniques, for example, Ion Exchange. ESN’s Pure Whey is completely instantised, which takes into account less demanding blending. Each serving of our Pure Whey supplies one of the most astounding organic esteem and most looked into protein known to Nutritional Science with various healthful advantages. Of specific advantage to the build and execution cognizant clients is the way that whey protein supplies an abnormal state of normally happening Glutamine and Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s).


This Product supplement contains the most astounding quality protein source known to science and has been deductively planned to give the greater part of the fundamental amino acids, protein divisions and bioactive peptides that your body needs to include slender muscle quick. Using the most recent in protein innovation, ESN’s Iso-Whey advances protein blend and gives greatest against catabolic help because of its one of a kind piece of bioactive whey peptides and spread chain amino corrosive substance adding up to just about 25% of the aggregate amino corrosive substance. Day by day supplementation with Iso-Whey’s deductively best in class, premium whey protein detach definition guarantees that protein blend (muscle building) is enhanced, nitrogen adjust is kept up and muscle catabolism is avoided guaranteeing most extreme picks up in slender bulk.


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Additional Information

Weight (kg)2
FlavourChocolate, Strawberry
Number of Servings67
Serving Size30 g
Protein per Serving22 g
Manufactured inIndia
GoalLean Muscle Mass
Protein per Serving Bucket22