GoNutrition Glutamine, 0.55 lb

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Cherry Bomb
Cola Charge
Fizzy Raspberry

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Key Features:

  • Aids post-workout recovery
  • Semi-essential amino acid
  • Fuel for immune cells


GoNutrition Glutamine, 0.55 lb

Glutamine from GN™ is only sourced from the most select manufacturers and is considered the best Glutamine available today. Glutamine is a semi-essential amino acid, meaning that whilst the body can produce its own glutamine this is not enough to fulfil the body’s needs during times of stress, such as intense physical activity. Glutamine is naturally found in foods such as meat and fish, and can be found in particularly high levels in whey and casein protein. Stores can become particularly depleted in anyone undertaking intense exercise and therefore supplementation is recommended. Glutamine is currently receiving a huge amount of attention from the scientific community for it’s potential to aid muscular recovery and immune function.


Glutamine has been traditionally used by strength athletes and bodybuilders due to its reported role in protein synthesis and its ability to reduce recovery times (Legault 2015). Supplementation with Glutamine has been demonstrated to reduce muscle soreness and may also positively affect the action of branched chain amino acids. Glutamine has also been shown to play a role in muscle glycogen replenishment (Varnier 1995) which has caught the attention of both strength and endurance athletes alike.


Additional Information

FlavourCherry Bomb, Cola Charge, Fizzy Raspberry, Unflavoured
Size0.55 lb
Number of Servings50
Serving Size5 g
GoalEnhances Workout Performance,Muscle Recovery

GoNutrition Glutamine, 0.55 lb

Aids post-workout recovery Semi-essential amino acid Fuel for immune cells
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