HealthFarm Platinum Series Whey Gourmet Plus 4.4Lbs

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Choco Brownie
Butter Scotch Candy
Choco Brownie
Strawberry Twirl

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Key Features:

  • Calories (Kcal) 365 117
  • Total Fat 3.72g
  • 1.2g Saturated Fat 2g 0.65g
  • Cholesterol 180mg 5/mg Total
  • Carbohydrate 20.1g 6.49g
  • HEALTH FARM Added Sugar Og
  • Way To Holistic Nutrition Protein 65g 21g


High quality 100% Whey Gourmet Plus contains pure flavored whey protein isolate as a primary source along with whey protein concentrate. HealthFarm Elite Series 100% Whey Gourmet Plus contains the highest biological value protein from any single protein source. This makes it ideal for fast recovery and incredible gain in lean muscle.


  • HEALTHFARM  ELITE SERIES WHEY PROTEIN  is rich in high-quality protein and provides 1.2 grams of fat, 0 grams of sugars and 6.4 grams carbohydrate per serving. This formula is the perfect product to help pack muscle-building proteins into your diet
  • Guaranteed Protein Certificate from a 3rd party lab (NABL accredited) makes it the most authentic product available in the market


whey protein isolate as a primary source along with whey protein concentrate.


  • Customers should add 1 serving with 240ml of cold water or your favorite beverage to a shaker cup or blender and mix for 25-30 seconds. Vary the amount of liquid to meet your desired taste and consistency.

Additional Information

FlavourButter Scotch Candy, Choco Brownie, Strawberry Twirl