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Brand: JoyFit

JoyFit Resistance Tube Toning Tube with Door Anchor for Exercise Workout Green

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Key Features:

  • Multiple Resistance Levels For Best Workout Experience
  • High Quality Latex Material
  • Great Replacement for Gym Equipment
  • Perform Full Body Training
  • Perfect For Men & Women

Brand: JoyFit | +91 95912 39219 | [email protected]



Appi Products Pvt Ltd | [email protected] | Country of origin: China

If you want a gym-like effect at home, you should definitely consider training with resistance tubes. Resistance tubes provide similar effects as that gym workouts. You can use them to train almost all your body muscles which make resistance tubes the perfect home-gym equipment.

The Joyfit Resistance Tubes are crafted to provide professional-grade workouts to everyone. Our tubes come with a sturdy door anchor and foam handles to help you perform a full-body workout at home.


  • Replace Your Gym:- Resistance tubes, as their name suggests, offer resistance to movements against tension. With the right set of accessories, and the right set of resistance tubes you can actually get the same effect as a cable machine, barbell, or a pair of dumbbells. With our high-quality material, we offer the absolute best exercise experience for you. 
  • Train All Major Muscle Groups:- With the Effectiveness that Our Resistance Tubes provide, you will be able to work on every large muscle group in both. This includes your chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, core, back, and leg muscles.
  • Customized Workout:- Joyfit offers you a fully customizable workout with our resistance tubes. With multiple resistance levels, you can pick the resistance tube closest to your strength levels and just start working out.
  • Highly Feasible:- Imagine if you had to carry your dumbbells or barbells around with you to wherever you train. That sounds quite a task, isn’t it? With Joyfit’s Resistance Tubes, you can carry them anywhere and perform any exercise that you want. They are extremely lightweight and it is very convenient to store them.


  • Premium Quality Workout Set:- The Joyfit Resistance Toning Tube is made with 100% Natural Latex which makes it highly strong and elastic. The resistance tube is skillfully constructed and is built to last. It can withstand intense workouts and can provide good flexibility and retain the necessary strength for a long time. The highly elastic nature of our toning tubes helps you stretch it well and incorporate into many different workouts.
  • Multiple Resistance Levels:- Joyfit Resistance tube for a workout is a one-stop solution for all fitness needs. The resistance bands come with 5 resistance levels color coded as Yellow (3-5kgs), Red (5-7 kgs), Blue (7-10kgs), Green (10-12 kgs), and Black (12-14gs). The wide range of resistance levels helps you pick the right toning tube as per your capability and comfort. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, you can always find the right tension level for your workouts.
  • Designed For Optimum Workout Experience:- The Joyfit Resistance Toning tubes are designed for an effective workout. The gym handles come attached to the resistance tube. This attachment is secure and keeps the tube from snapping easily. The metal holder of the Joyfit resistance tube handles increases the strength and durability of the resistance band. The resistance toning tubes are made thicker which prevents any wear and tear in the tube.

Package Includes

  • 1 Toning Tube With Attached Foam Handles
  • 1 Door Anchor
  • 1 Exclusive Workout Chart 

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