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Morpheme Remedies Jamaican Organic Black Castor Pure Oil


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Key Features:

  • 100% Pure
  • Thicker Lustrous Hair
  • All-Round Skin Care
  • Beautiful Eyelashes
  • Strong, Shiny Nails

Brand: Morpheme Remedies | +91-1725057229 |


Morpheme Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Plot 296, Industrial Area, Phase 2, Panchkula, Hariyana - 134113 | Country of Origin : India

Unlike the traditional yellow coloured castor oil produced by cold-pressing castor beans, black castor oil is produced by roasting, manually grinding and boiling the castor beans. This unique extraction method that gives castor oil the dark colour originated in Jamaica, and hence, the name Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Most of the beneficial effects of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, in addition to its nutrient profile, are attributed to the alkalinity of the oil. The pH of Black Castor Oil is higher than that of traditional castor oil; therefore, it is believed to possess superior skin and hair restorative property. We have strictly adhered to the traditional Jamaican manual extraction method to produce the best quality Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Hair Growth Rejuvenator

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is valued worldwide for strengthening hair, reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth. Massaging it on the scalp is known to stimulate the hair roots. Applying a few drops of the oil to the eyelashes and eyebrows daily before bedtime may help in thickening your eyelashes and eyebrows. If desired, mix Jamaican Black Castor Oil with your regular hair oil and apply to your tresses to soften and strengthen your hair, reduce hair breakage and split ends and repair the damaged hair.

Soft, Even Toned Skin

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is an excellent emollient for the dry, damaged skin. It easily dissolves impurities and makeup residues, and balances and clarifies the facial skin. It helps to soften chapped lips, cracked heels, rough elbows, dry cuticles and other dry areas on your body. This versatile, all-purpose skin care oil fortifies the skin’s moisture barrier that helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, thereby delaying appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also believed to fade stretch marks and blemishes and helps in evening out the skin tone.


  • Morpheme Remedies Jamaican Black Castor Oil, sourced from the finest organic castor beans, is hand processed according to the traditional Jamaican extraction method for superior multipurpose beauty benefit.
  •  Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a wonderful natural conditioner for all types of hair. It helps to strengthen the hair roots, protects against hair damage, repairs the damaged hair and is also known to promote hair growth.
  • This fabulous natural moisturizer adds suppleness to the skin and helps to get rid of dry flaky patches. It removes dirt and makeup and leaves the facial skin soft and smooth. It adds firmness to the skin and is known to reduce appearance of stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • This well-kept secret of renowned aestheticians is believed to promote growth of eyelashes. This natural hair rejuvenator could help in improving the appearance of sparse eyebrows.
  • Massaging Jamaican Black Castor Oil onto the nails, softens the cuticles, adds shine to the nails and helps in making them strong.


Organic Black castor Oil


Jamaican Black Castor oil may he used to moisturize and strengthen hair, skin and lashes. Apply to desired areas as needed Or mix in your regular hair oil.
BrandMorpheme Remedies
Size200 G

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