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Morpheme Remedies Triphala Guggul 500Mg ( 60 Capsules )

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Key Features:

  • This dietary supplement helps detoxify the body and support metabolic action and weight management
  • It helps support digestion and assimilation of food.
  • The product is 100% organic
  • It is devoid of contaminants and chemicals.
  • It is free from artificial ingredients, fillers, additives, ligatures, food allergens, and gluten.


Morpheme Remedies

Sold By: Emmbros Overseas


Morpheme Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Plot 296, Industrial Area, Phase 2, Panchkula, Hariyana - 134113

Country of Origin : India

The synergistic effect of Triphala and Guggul is found to improve overall wellness. In the traditional healing systems, sluggish digestion is believed to be responsible for unintended weight gain. Morpheme Remedies Triphala and Guggul is a dietary supplement that combines the time-honored Ayurvedic formulation Triphala, which helps maintain healthy digestion, with Guggul, the gum resin of the Commiphora Mukul tree, which is believed to be effective in combating synthesis of excess fats. Just as other dietary supplements for weight management, this product too is known to work best when combined with diet and exercise.


TRIPHALA : Triphala is a blend of three fruits – Amalaki (Indian gooseberry or Phyllanthus emblica), Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). Triphala is found to be beneficial for people prone to constipation. It has mild laxative property. It may help improve common digestion issues such as hyperacidity and gas. It is considered a useful supplement in supporting gastrointestinal health by boosting the growth of probiotic bacteria and inhibiting the harmful bacteria.

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Triphala are regarded to complement and help reduce risk of gastrointestinal infections. It is considered beneficial for the health of the liver tissues and may help combat visceral obesity. It is observed that Triphala is effectual in combating obesity and helps reduce body mass, BMI ratio, waist, and hip measurements.

GUGGUL: Guggul is a gum resin extracted from the trunk and branches of Commiphora Mukul or Mukul myrrh tree, which is native to India but also cultivated in the regions between Central Asia to North Africa. Guggul comprises of steroids, diterpenoids, aliphatic esters, and carbohydrates.

Its lipolytic nature along with its anti-hyperlipidemic and antioxidant effects is believed to support weight loss. It may also help reduce hunger and suppress the development of fat cells. Guggulsterone is a plant steroid present in Guggul, which is known to be responsible for the beneficial effect of Guggul in supporting the healthy lipids.


Morpheme Remedies Triphala Guggul contains Triphala Extract 250mg & Guggul (Commiphora Mukul) Extract 250mg.


1 Capsule twice daily before meals.

BrandMorpheme Remedies
Size60 capsules
Serving Size1 Capsule
Servings Per Container60
Veg / Non-VegVeg

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