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Muscle Science Ignitor Nex Zen 210gm (25 Servings) Pre Workout, 3850 mg Beta Alanine for Endurance, 1000mg Arginine for Pump, 190mg Caffeine and 150 mg L- Tyrosine for Energy & Focus. + FREE T-Shirt

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Key Features:

  • Strength & Power Matrix
  • Maximum Pump Matrix
  • Explosive Energy & Focus
  • Prevent De Hydration

Brand: Muscle Science | 8826010316 | [email protected]

Sold By: Anandit Nutrition

Ships From: Haryana


KILTER, KILTER, Plot No 11, 2nd Lane, Kaganheri, New Delhi 110071

Ignitor was developed to be the best “bulking” pre-workout supplement available. The key ingredients, all backed by published scientific research, are included in clinically effective dosages and contain zero artificial sweeteners, and zero harmful additives. Ignitor is the most effective pre for serious athletes and bodybuilders looking to gain size and increase muscle mass. For all the Mental Focus, Drive, Endurance, and Stamina you need to crush your training sessions start right here. Developed to be one of the best pre-workout experiences available, Ignitor Pre Workout uses L-Tyrosine and Caffeine for incredible focus and energy. With 1,000mg of AAKG for Nitric Oxide production to increase blood flow and 3,850mg of Beta-Alanine to help push past the point of exhaustion, Ignitor Pre Workout will help you reach a new level of stamina. 110mg of Betaine Anhydrous helps in increasing your muscle growth. Finally, 100 mg of Tribulus & Ashwagandha will boost your testosterone and hence help in increasing power and muscle mass.


  • Ignitor is the most effective pre-workout for serious athletes and bodybuilders looking to gain size and increase muscle mass. Ignitor is an advanced Pre-Workout supplement with 13 Top quality ingredients to trigger 4-way action to deliver Muscle Pump, Increased Muscle Power and Strength, Maximize Energy & Focus, and Minimize Muscle Fatigue & keep you hydrated.
  • Each scoop delivers 4100 mg Strength & Power matrix (3850 mg Beta-Alanine, 140 mg Taurine, 110mg Betaine Anhydrous) for Endurance & Strength.
  • It is an ideal pre-workout drink for Bodybuilders, Gym goers, Fitness enthusiasts & Athletes as it delivers incredible Muscle pumps with 1100 mg Pump matrix, (Argentine AAKG-1000mg, 100 mg Grape seed extract).
  • Now get unsurpassed energy to fuel your workouts to achieve the next level with 660 mg Energy & Focus Matrix (Caffeine- 260 mg, Green Tea & Green Coffee Bean Extract -150mg, Tyrosine & Encapsulated caff.-250mg). No chance of a crash.
  • The Electrolytes Sodium and Potassium along with Coconut Spray powder keep you hydrated, reduce fatigue, and enhance performance. The delicious fruit flavor satisfies your muscles and taste buds in one go.


Beta-Alanine, Arginine AKG, Caffeine, Coconut Spray Dried Powder, N-Acetyl L Tyrosine, Taurine, Betaine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Encapsulated Caffeine, Ashwagandha, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Tribulus Terrestris, Acidity Regulator(INS 330), Artificial Sweetener (INS 955), CONTAINS PERMITTED SYNTHETIC FOOD COLOURS ( INS 110) AND ADDED FLAVOURS( Natural identical flavoring substances)


Take 4gm (Half Scoop) in 150-200 ml of water 30 minutes before your workout. Access your tolerance by taking half scoop initially, and then u can increase it to 1 Full scoop.

BrandMuscle Science
FlavourGuava Blueberry, Mojito Margarita, Rocket Popsorbet, Fruit Punch, Mango, Orange, Watermelon
PackagingPet Jar
Ideal ForMen & Women
Number of Servings25
Serving Size4gm Half Scoop

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