Mutant Creakong Creatine 300gm

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Pearl International | View Certificate

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MUTANT ,1589 Kebet Way , Port Coquitlam, BC , Canada V3C 6L5 | | 1-844-468-8268

Key Features:

  • For high intensity exercise
  • Increases performance
  • No fillers
  • Creatine Food Supplement
  • 75 servings


Mutant Creakong Creatine 300gm

Creatine works. There are over 300 studies proving that after protein, creatine is the No.1 muscle building supplement of all time – and still is. The main goal of creatine is to deliver sheer unadulterated size and power. So at Mutant, we decided to deliver the flat-out rock star of all creatines – Mutant creakong. The one and only creatine blend that delivers only pure creatines from the world’s leading creatine sources, each one being patented and supported by clinical studies using actual human subjects proving that they flat out work.


  • The formula includes different types of creatines in order to deliver a potent blend that offers fast and effective results.
  • Creakong is relatively affordable, especially when compared to similar products on the market.
  • Users are able to take advantage of Mutant’s promotion by getting a free bottle of Creakong when they buy another product known as Mutant Madness.
  • Apart from promoting muscle growth, the formula also focuses on increasing* strength, which can be beneficial for the user’s everyday life, especially if the user does physical tasks at work.


Creatine Blend – The three creatines in Creakong are creatine monohydrate (Creapure), creatine-magnesium chelate (MagnaPower) and tri-creatine citrate. The first two forms mentioned are now the two most popular creatines on the market today and are highly-respected brands that guarantee the purity of their products. Tri-creatine citrate is a creatine we haven’t heard much about but is exciting. Tri-creatine citrate is a unique bond of three creatine molecules to one citrate molecule – this combination has been shown to increase performance, boost ATP (muscle energy) and create a larger rise in plasma creatine levels. This product has made look for that chelate for future creatine products. Produced in a facility that also handles ingredients from milk, egg, wheat, peanut, soy, tree nut (coconut, hazelnut)


As a dietary supplement for adults performing high intensity exercise, take one serving 20-30 minutes before workout with at least 8-12 fl oz (240-360 mL) of water.

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Pawan Jain
11 Jun, 2018
Love that product.... after a week I feel the stamina & work out density...... doing more intense workout after loaded with Mutant creakong..... love the product & recommend to all of the hardcore bodybuilders.
14 Jul, 2017
Great product for an even better price. This is a tasteless and effective creatine. You really notice and feel the difference. This is the best for people who are new to creatine and aren't willing to fork out a lot.
02 Jun, 2017
item as described. works great. you get that rush of creatine

Additional Information

GoalMuscle Building,Muscle Recovery
Number of Servings75
Serving Size4 g