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Nakpro 100% Pure Carb Unflavoured, High Calorie Carbohydrate for Weight Gain & Mass Gain

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Key Features:

  • Consume High Glycemic Foods Post-Workout
  • Maltodextrin Is A Great Carb Source
  • Help Replenish Glycogen Stores

Brand: Nakpro: [email protected]

Sold By: Nakpro Nutrition Nakoda Dairy Pvt Ltd

Ships From: Bangalore


•Nakpro Nutriyion No. 187, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Attibele Hobli, Anekal Taluk, Banglore-560099

•Country of Origin: India

NAKPRO VEGAN MALTODEXTRIN is High Calories Carbohydrate. 100g serving will provide 95.0% carb with zero added sugar. It helps you to gain healthy weight, supports healthy metabolism and also provides high calories. Direction For Use. STIR: NAKPRO VEGAN MALTODEXTRIN is easy to mix. Just add one heaping scoops(100g) of the powder to a glass of 220ml of water/skimmed milk/any other beverage of your choice, then stir with a spoon for about 30 seconds or until the powder is completely dissolved and your drink is ready SHAKE: Alternatively, if you are using a shaker, just add a scoop (100g) of powder to 220ml of cold water or your favourite beverage, shake for 30 seconds for a thick and creamy shake. BLEND: Use a blender to make a delicious smoothie by adding a heaping scoop (100g) of powder to 200ml beverage of your choice along with ice cubes and exciting fresh or frozen fruit, peanut butter, coffee or other healthy ingredients DOSAGE: Take 1-2 shakes per day or as recommended by a nutritionist to build lean muscle mass CAUTION: Pregnant or lactating women and people with any medical condition should consult the doctor before consuming this product. Not recommended for children STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in a cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat moisture and keep the container tightly closed.


  • NAKPRO 100% PURE CARB is a dietary enhancement produced using 100% maltodextrin, which a polysaccharide (number of basic sugars associated together) delivered from non-GMO corn. The pure carb is created from the enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch followed by purification and spray drying. The subsequent white powder is of high purity, free from soy, dairy, yeast, flavour or some other added substances and has been 3rd party lab-tested for assurance on the same.
  •  Maltodextrin holds an advantage when compared with other carb sources due to its glycaemic index (GI-the proportion of how rapidly a food source raises glucose and consequently insulin levels). While monosaccharides like fructose, sucrose and dextrose are good sources of carbs, their glycaemic rate is less than that of maltodextrin, which implies they may not be digested quickly and doesn’t raise insulin levels to any extraordinary degree.
  •  In the recovery mode, your body tries to replace the carbohydrates that have been depleted or used up. Consumption of high GI foods like maltodextrin during this period helps to replenish muscles glycogen stores quickly. The pure carb will result in a quick energy boost and ideal level of insulin boost to maximize the uptake of nutrients from the bloodstream into the muscle cells with the extra boost of energy.
  • The hormone cortisol emitted during your extreme exercise has catabolic impacts. Except if appropriately renewed, cortisol will trigger the breakdown of muscle protein for glucose, the net result is a loss of muscle tissue. Post-exercise maltodextrin consumption boosts the release of insulin. For athletes, the individuals who do serious workouts, bodybuilders, weight trainers, maltodextrin can serve as the quick.
  • By providing high calories per gram, maltodextrin serves as a top source of high calories and energy for those who intend to increase body mass. It has been found that a combination of maltodextrin with protein can promote enhanced glycogen recovery and stimulated muscle protein synthesis, help improve muscle strength, muscle power and sports performance. Combination of pure carb and protein may work as an effective option to increase body mass.


Ideal ForMen & Women
Size1.5 Kg, 750gm
Serving Size3 scoop (100gm)
Number of Servings7.5, 15

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3 reviews for Nakpro 100% Pure Carb Unflavoured, High Calorie Carbohydrate for Weight Gain & Mass Gain

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Subodh Choudhary

Verified Buyer

Good for wait gain

Jul 26, 2022

Good quality carbs.

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Aman Subba

Verified Buyer

Good Product

Jul 15, 2022

Good quality, easy to mix.

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Rabin Kumar

Verified Buyer

Go with this

May 14, 2022

Amazing Product

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