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Organic Nutrition 100 % Whey Protein With Isolate-Hydrolyzed 1kg

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Key Features:

  • That Time When You Drink 100% Whey Protein Of organic Nutrition
  • Your Muscles Gets That Required AMINO ACIDS and Your Body Will Start the MUSCLE BUILDING process Immidietialy.
  • just 1.9g of fat and Less Than 1g of carbs, 100% Whey Protein is the perfect way to support all your training goals.
  • And it comes in a range of indulgent, mouthwatering flavours, too

Brand: Le Bonheur | 01725057229 | [email protected]

Sold By: Organic Nutrition

Ships From: Ghaziabad


EMMBROS OVERSEAS LIFESTYLE PVT LTD. Plot 296, Industrial Area, Phase-2, Panchkula (Haryana) – 134113 | Country of Origin : India

Organic Nutrition Present You 100% Whey Protein with ISOLATE-HYDROLYZED protein content Which Gives you 27 Gm of high-Quality Protein. They Are lots of Whey Protein Supplements In the Market But We focus on the quality of protein  After a Regrious Workout, Your Muscle is SORE. That Time When You Drink 100% Whey Protein Of organic Nutrition Your Muscles Gets That Required AMINO ACIDS and Your Body Will Start the MUSCLE BUILDING process Immidietialy.


WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE – Whey protein is derived from milk. Once the whey protein is removed it is then micro-filtered

rather than heated. Delivering your muscles an ultra-pure, ultra-Filtred powerful high protein mix. Whey protein concentrate is often regarded as the most popular, most efficient, and economical protein on the market today too.
The reason why whey protein concentrate is micro-filtered rather than heated is simply due to keeping its amino acid profile as pure and strong as possible. It also means that when blended with either water or milk it keeps its silky smooth texture. Although you’ll only find this with the best quality whey protein concentrate shakes.

WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE – Whey Protein Isolate is the purest form of protein from Concentrate. It requires more

filtration as Compared to the Concentrate Protein. When it comes to building muscle, there are few foods or supplements that are more powerful than whey isolate protein powder.
Not only is whey protein one of the most highly researched and tested protein supplements on the market today,
but it is also proven to improve satiety (keeps you feeling full throughout the day), promote weight loss, and maximize muscle growth. For all of those reasons, whey protein is a must-have for any athlete, bodybuilder,
avid gym-goer, or anyone looking to improve their physique.

WHEY PROTEIN HYDROLYZED– Whey Protein Hydrolyzed is the superior Form Of Protein It has almost 90-95%

Amino Acid profile Which is highly Digestible Low GI Another key difference between hydrolyzed whey
and regular whey is that the body is more easily and rapidly able to digest hydrolyzed whey.
Regular whey powder is considered a “fast-acting” protein, meaning the body is able to digest
it within 30 minutes of consumption, but hydrolyzed whey acts even more quickly. All whey powders may
improve muscle size, strength gains, and recovery if you drink them after participating in strength
training, but hydrolyzed whey increases amino acid availability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis
more effectively.

BrandOrganic Nutrition
FlavourCaramelToffee,  Cookies & Cream, Cafe Brazil, Chocolate Brownie
Serving Size1 Scoop ( 30g )
Number of Servings31

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