RiteBite Max Protein Active Green Tea Orange Bars 70 Gm

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6 Pcs / Box (420 gms)
12 Pcs / Box (840 gms)
6 Pcs / Box (420 gms)

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Manufacturer Details:

Naturell India Private Limited, A - 205, Kailash Industrial Complex, Hiranandani Link Road, HMPL Surya Nagar, Vikhroli West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076 | info@naturellindia.com | 022 2517 0055

Key Features:

  • Vegetarian
  • Usage Pre-workout & Post-workout
  • Protein Type: Protein Bars
  • Dietary Preference: No Trans Fat


This protein bar can be consumed by everyone above the age of 18. It is used as a meal replacement bar. It replaces one of your entire day, this bar helps you manage your sugar level which results in keeping you active all day long. This bar consists of 20gms of protein, 21 vitamins and minerals. This bar makes an ideal meal since it has been fortified with all the essential nutrients that a major meal could provide. It also consists of flaxseeds that has good amount of omega 3 fatty acids which helps to improve your cholesterol levels in the blood.


Green tea has long been the favorite among weight watchers. Green tea catechins curb hunger pangs thus helping you avoid mindless binging. The antioxidants present in green tea help significantly detoxify one’s body and help one feel rejuvenated over a longer period of time. Green tea and orange pulp combination has variety of benefits including ability to boost immune system function, boost cellular repair and metabolism, helps detoxify the body, improves circulation, improves blood pressure, reduces inflammation, and helps lowers cholesterol levels.


Meal Replacement Bar, Sugar Free, 21 Vitamin & Minerals, High Protein – 20gm, High Fiber – 7gm, Electrolytes, Probiotic, Omega 3, 100% Vegetarian, Low Net Carbs, On-the-Go Meal, Excellent Hunger Satisfaction Value, Loaded with antioxidants and helps detox blood


Unwrap it, and eat it before the workout or after the workout. The choice is up to you. Easy to use, ready-to-eat

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Guru K
18 Jun, 2018
Good stuff, good to taste value for money
sagar monga
05 May, 2018
Awesome Test Good Flever Nicely Packing

Additional Information

Size12 Pcs / Box (840 gms), 6 Pcs / Box (420 gms)
FlavourGreen Tea Orange
Protein per Bar30 g
ConcernWeight Loss
GoalMeal Replacement