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Tara Nutricare Pre Workout, 0.55 lb

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Fruit Punch
Fruit Punch

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Manufacturer Details:

Tara Nutricare Private Limited,V. & P.O. Hazara, Hoshiarpur Road,Jalandhar,Punjab, India - 144025 | +91 9646715414 | info@taranutricare.com

Key Features:

  • Boost strength, energy, and performance
  • Promotes vasodilation and muscle pumps
  • NOTE: The Supplement is completely safe for consumption, it's just the ingredients are hygroscopic in nature and may form lumps.
  • Flavours : Pineapple, Fruit Punch, Orange.


Give your body vitality and strength with this Pre Workout from the house of Tara Nutricare. This powder is a potent formula based on latest scientific research that provides a combination of L-arginine AKG, L citrulline, beta alanine, caffeine, taurine, Ashwareal, Actamide, essential vitamins B complex and vitamin C and minerals. These components work together synergistically to improve performance and maximise energy levels. This powder is very efficient before your workout or training sessions. This powder will boost your strength energy and performance. Bring home this powder and get a toned body.


  • Boost strength, energy and performance
  • Promotes vasodilation and muscle pumps
  • Improves adaptation to training and focus
  • Increases time to failure and work capacity.
  • Can help improve performance


L-Arginine base, L-Arginine akg, L-Citrulline Base, beta alanine, taurine, caffeine Ahyhydrous, Pre energy mix, actamide, magnesium oxide, zinc citrate, ascorbic acid, nicotinamide, d-calcium panthothenate, pyridoxin hydrochloric acid, thiamine hydrochloride.


Take 12.5g  with 150-200ml water and consume before 15-20 minutes before training.

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02 Jan, 2018
it is a good product, i use it in the morning workout. But the effect doesnt last much because it is not that hard preworkout. Overall good experiance.

Additional Information

Weight0.55 lb
FlavourFruit Punch, Orange, pineapple
GoalBoost Energy,Enhances Workout Performance
BrandTara Nutricare