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Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution 2600, 11.1 lb

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Chocolate Cream
Cookies and Cream

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Importer Details:

Kar Enterprises | Bright Commodities | Musclehouse India | ARC Distributors | Musclepro Nutrition | Shree Balaji Overseas | View Certificate

Manufacturer Details:

Ultimate Nutrition Inc. - Farmington, Po Box 643, Farmington, CT, 06034 USA, Email: inquiry@ultimatenutrition.com

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution 2600 11.1 lb Chocolate Creme helps to provide optimal defence from muscular degradation
  • It aids to enhance energy level for improved workout performance
  • It aids you to gain lean muscles by supplying timely release of desired nourishment
  • This ultimate formula comes with Karbo-lyn that aids in the utilization of nutrients and helps in carbohydrate loading
  • Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution 2600 Chocolate Creme comes packed with 170 grams of time release carbohydrates to aid digestion and minimize bloating


Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution 2600, 11.1 lb

Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution 2600 is an ultimate weight gainer, which helps to supply eight vital proteins necessary for exercising efficiently and is highly beneficial for serious bodybuilders. It is developed with a superior formula to create Karbo-Lyn, which aids in the thorough utilisation of nutrients. This dietary supplement is integrated with calcium, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, glutamine, fish oil, omega 3, whey isolate, whey protein and BCAAs.


  • These proteins provide an incredibly diverse array of powerful muscle-building amino acids
  • Helps your body utilize the multiple milk-based proteins
  • Helps you maintain positive nitrogen retention for extended periods of time.


Cocoa, Sodium Chloride, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Soy Lecithin and Natural and Artificial Flavours.
Contains Milk, Egg, Soy, and Fish (Herring, Anchovy, Mackerel, Sardine, Menhaden, Smelt, Tuna, Sand Lance, Salmon)


Mix four scoops of Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution 2600 11.1 lb Chocolate Creme (about 265 grams) with 18 fl oz (532 ml) of water or milk. To maximise muscle gains and enhance your exercise program, take one serving in the morning, and a second serving one hour after your training session. On non-training days, take one serving between meals in the morning and a second serving between meals in the afternoon. Due to the time release nature of Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution 2600, it is the perfect gainer to be taken right before bed.

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Akash Kumar
03 Oct, 2018
Started to use this product. Previous in Importer list of healthXp of this product Sri Balaji Overseas was not there and i got the product with their importer sticker when i asked about it. They added their name now. I think the product is authentic. Let’s hope for the best. Will gove 5 start after its result

Additional Information

FlavourChocolate Cream, Cookies and Cream, Vanilla
Weight (kg)5 kg
Number of Servings19
Serving Size265 g
Calories per Serving1020
Protein per Serving56 g
GoalBulking Up
BrandUltimate Nutrition
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